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Truths Behind Eating Right And Being Fit

By Chioma Anigbogu


We all hear a lot of stuff about eating healthy and I decided to research and debunk those that are myths and stress those that are true. These are what I found:


  • Skipping meals will help me lose weight faster.


Myth: While skipping meals may temporarily help you lose weight, a few days later your body picks up on the fact that you have not been giving it food and starts to store food away under your skin as fats fast like how ants store food up for the winter. The trick is to eat up to five times a day. Don’t start rejoicing yet. You should eat 3 well balanced small-portioned high-fiber meals a day with a healthy mid afternoon and evening snack. Now, note that I said small portions. You can cut your normal portion into two but if you usually over over eat, then cut it in three. Note that the snacks are to be ONLY fruits, unsalted nuts or yoghurt. No ice cream, no doughnuts, no burgers, no soft drinks, no fries, no chocolate and so on. You get the point. When your body has food regularly to digest and work on, it buckles up and your metabolic rate increases. And a fast metabolic rate almost always means insignificant or no added weight.


  • Slim people don’t need to watch what they eat or exercise.


Myth: Slimness doesn’t connote fitness. Thin people can have high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Nobody can eat anything they want. Every one of very age and every body size have to be careful with what they ingest and how they exercise. My grandpa is 92 and slim yet he’s very selective when it comes to food, he makes sure that he eats fruits everyday and he exercises by walking round his big compound several times everyday. Don’t deceive yourself by telling yourself that since you’re slim and there’s no history of obesity or diabetes in your family, that you can eat anything at any time and there won’t be any consequences. Regular physical activity is a must for everyone no matter how much you weigh (or how old you are). Regular exercise means exercising aerobically for up to 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. Join a gym. Walk briskly. Ditch elevators. Go jogging whenever you can. Do sit-ups. Dancing is a wonderful (and fun) workout. Shouting at the top of your lungs and dancing to your favorite songs playlist whether you are good at dancing or not in the comfort of your bedroom works too. We aren’t gonna judge.


  • Soft drinks are unhealthy.


Truth: All soft drinks contain are sweetener(usually sugar), carbonated water and flavoring. Some also contain caffeine like coke. Soft drinks are just sources of empty calories with no nutritive value. One 35cl can of Coke or soda contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar. This exceeds the daily recommended amount of sugar intake and this is without counting the amount of sugar gotten from consumed carbohydrates. Excessive sugar increases the risks of diabetes, tooth decay, cholesterol increase, obesity, high blood pressure, liver failure, cancer, blindness, osteoporosis, kidney disease, heart disease, insomnia and many more. Sugars, not fat actually has been found to be the leading cause of obesity. You mustn’t take my word for it, you can google negative effects of sugar consumption. Eating 100grams of simple carbohydrates can reduce the ability of your white blood cells to function by 50% for a few hours thereby reducing your immunity. Diet drinks are not much better. They’ve been found to increase the risk of stroke and osteoporosis. Though they don’t contain those calories you’re avoiding, they contain sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin and sucralose. Brooke Alpert, RD, author of The Sugar Detox saysArtificial sweeteners trigger insulin which sends your body into fat storage mode and leads to weight gain”. Aspartame contained in diet drinks are high in phosphates and this leads to calcium loss as your body tries to correct the imbalance by taking calcium from your teeth and bones leading to osteoporosis.

When you get thirsty, drink water. Lots and lots of water. Fruit juices are better than carbonated drinks but still they shouldn’t be consumed in high quantity. Stay clear of soft drinks. There are enough amounts of natural sugars in fruits and vegetables and other carbohydrates like rice, bread and pasta.


  • Healthy eating and fitness is expensive

Myth: Fruits and vegetables are relatively cheaper than other food items especially processed and fast foods. We’ve been blessed with varieties of fruits. It is recommended that you eat rainbow colors of fruits. I mean that you shouldn’t stick to just one type of fruits. Experiment. As for keeping fit, you can park away from entrances of buildings, walk on escalators, walk to nearby shops, churches or houses. Give your car a break. You can do the dishes or laundry with your hands. Even washing the car counts.


  • Whole grain foods are essential.

Truth: Whole grain foods include brown rice, whole-grain pasta, whole-grain bread (not all brown breads are whole-grain, look carefully at the label for the words “whole wheats”, “oats” or “rye”), potatoes and whole-grain cereal. Whole-grain foods are high in fibre and nutrients. Fiber helps in the removal of toxins, reduction of cholesterol and proper digestion. These white grain products we consume like bread made from white flour have been bleached and refined such that the nutritive parts of the grain like the bran and germ that contain 80% of the vitamins and fiber are removed. Try to incorporate more fiber into your diet. Eat nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits like apples, oranges, green peas or grapefruits. Switch to whole-grain bread and pasta.


  • I can’t lose weight without drinking weight-loss slimming teas.

Myth: The above statement is totally false. Weight lost through pills or potions tend to come back quickly because there wasn’t any change in lifestyle or diet and the person didn’t suffer to lose that weight. We all know that we tend to cherish what we fought to obtain more. What’s more these “potions” tend to have lots of side effects that manufacturers tend not to tell you about in their ads. You can lose weight by just switching up your diet by cutting out processed foods and consuming more living foods and regular exercising.


  • Water is crucial for health.

Truth: The health benefits of water are countless. It flushes out toxins, cushions joints, transports nutrients and oxygen, regulates body temperature and so much more. Dehydration causes headaches, joint pain, heartburn and depression. Put down the pills and drink water. If they persist, consult your physician. You should consume more than 11 ounces or 3 liters of water unless you have kidney or heart disease.


Quick tips

  • Eat more fruits. They’re not gonna kill you. Eat different colors of fruits.
  • Do not eat more than the size of tennis ball of rice. It’s not hard as you think. If half of your plate is full of vegetables, you won’t notice. If you feel like having more food afterwards, eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Be more physically active. Walk more.
  • Be consistent in working out even if you aren’t seeing results. Be patient.
  • Avoid deep fried and fast food.
  • Eat more fish than meat. Fish is healthier.
  • Buy cholesterol-free oil. Extra-virgin olive or coconut oil is the best.
  • Don’t drink cold drinks or water with food. It disturbs digestion. Go for hot or room temperature drinks.
  • Lightly steam vegetables. Don’t boil.
  • Consume meat and dairy products with caution. Choose lean cuts of meat.
  • Drink water. Drink water. Drink water.
  • Substitute yoghurt for ice cream. Yoghurt is healthier.
  • Boil your egg instead of frying.
  • Cut down your salt intake.
  • If you are a man, consume about 2500 calories a day. If you are a woman, consume about 2000 calories a day.
  • Don’t reward yourself with treats. Stick to a healthy diet.

 Credits: Don Colbert, MD. (‘Eat this and live’)



Rules To Wearing A Suit Better

By Micheal Ogbuogebe

10 Suit Rules You Should Follow


You know the saying that goes “dress as you wish to be addressed”, well i would like to rephrase it as “dress to these rules and be accorded respect”.

When you’re able to ‘up’ your dressing skills, you’re improving your public persona by some percentages and that’s a good development you would agree.

These past years, the way suits have been worn have so changed that people have forgotten that there are certain ways in which these suits are meant to be worn, be it in the English or Italian style. Everything is now changed and i fear the next generation might not get to know the rules of wearing a suit properly, hence this article.

This is still in line with the philosophy of the blog which is an ‘all round’ development through great contents and after reading this, you might get the idea that what we want is  you to always look fabulous and ‘Glam’ ( Confidence Arinze-ago)


Now if you must button up, you MUST    leave the bottom button undone except you’re ‘rockin’ a croissant-like jacket. The sight of the tail of the tie resting on a crisp neat shirt just above the waist when you leave the bottom button undone makes for a great view.

Rule #1

Rule #1

Here, the aim is to expose the shirt as much as possible and revealing the cuffs adds more to this. A shirt no matter how classy or even gaudy appears rich to the onlooker when the cuff is revealed. Hiding the cuffs beneath the sleeves says less of the shirt even if it costs a fortune.

Rule #2

Rule #2

Hey, i know this might raise some eyebrow and you are probably culpable but it’s vital. In rocking a suit, it’s noteworthy you don’t flaunt much colours in general. The lesser the colours, the classier the suit. You can’t wear a blue suit with black belt and brown shoe. Nahhh! Damn awkward. More like colour-block.

Rule #3

Rule #3

When the tie exceeds the belt, it dosen’t only make your trunk broader but also literally transforms the tie into a rope(believe me that’s the illusion you create on the onlooker). Unless you’re a comic character in a drama, DON’T TRY IT!!!

Rule #4

Rule #4

The tie can be exempted from the suit only when the collar is not buttoned up. Locking up the collar without tie is a NO NO. This is actually trending but it’s not right. The so-called famous fashionistas and red carpet kings are even culpable. In most cases the locked up collar is accompanied by ‘bling bling’. ‘Bling bling’ cannot alternate for the tie. STOP!!

Rule #5

Rule #5

A suit exudes class when the shirt collar is medium or small sized and it’s proportional to the knot of the tie. Makes the knot of the tie rest well on the shirt and the wearer feels ‘comfy’. A fat collar makes the suit shabby. Besides it chokes the wearer. The suit itself is choking enough.

This rule is maybe avoidable but important. The two opposite angular half-collars should show when the suit is buttoned up. At times one is hidden or both are hidden.

Rule #7

Rule #7

Ehen! Gam gam!!. It’s a no brainer. A cliche says thus ‘suits are meant for gentlemen’ but to my consternation i see most men ‘sag’ their suit trousers, suffice it to say there are only a few gentlemen. I often hear flimsy alibis like ‘my wallet is dragging my trouser down’ or ‘my belt is loose’ lol. Habaaa! Then you shouldn’t have worn the suit without fixing these faults. Please!! it makes a big tout of you

This complements the rule number 8. You don’t do this either. If you do, then the tie exceeds the belt thereby breaking rule number 4 or the trouser makes a ‘jumpup’. It’s not nice. You’ll create the picture of some village headmaster. Lol

The tie/shirt colour should in no way contradict the pocket filler’s. You will look odd. Adherence to this rule gives a resplendent dapper look. It’s even advisable you don’t rock a pocket filler at all than fall a victim.

Rule #10

Rule #10



Reasons To Start E-mail Marketing

By Confidence Arinze-ago

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there but when it comes to follow-up and conversion of leads to sales, email marketing beats all other forms of follow-up and conversion ideas hands down.

I run a blog that’s wordpress-hosted and i know you will think to yourself “what can he possibly know about email marketing, afterall wordpress collates all the e-mail subscriptions for him”

yes, i know that too. But the thing is i have and i am still writing newsletters for corporate establishments and blogs and i have seen firsthand how e-mail marketing helps brands and increases conversion rates.


Email-Marketing (1)

When it comes to follow-up and conversion      of leads to sales, email marketing is         the undisputed world champion over social media or any other form of follow-up you may think of. Even when all other forms of follow-up tips are combined together, they still can’t boast of a higher conversion rate.





Reasons Why E-mail Marketing Is Important For A Successful Brand/Site/Blog Marketing.

Every segment of a brand/blogger agent marketing plan serves a specific purpose. For a marketing campaign to be complete and effective, all the segments that make up that marketing plan must be coordinated and channeled at the right direction for the single purpose of either making sales or increasing sales.


For email marketing campaign, it’s purpose is not to source for prospects or to capture the contact details of prospects but to follow-up and build relationships with prospects that is gotten from other marketing plan of a brand/blog until that prospect is ready to buy or yield to whatever it is you are selling.

Below are reasons why email marketing is very important to any brand/blog marketing

1. Used to nurture leads and build relationship

Do you know that prospects contact number you just received or that prospect that just viewed the listings on your website or blog is not yet ready to buy?

Do you also know that the average buying time of a prospective buyer is between six months to a year. If you know that then how do you keep in touch and create rapport with them until they are ready to buy your items/products?

Email marketing is your best bet to do that. It gets noticed more and gets read better by prospects than social networks combined.

2. Used to keep prospects updated & informed

Because of the high open and read rate of email marketing, it is the best avenue to provide useful information and updates to leads.

3. Used for promotional purpose

If you have a listing or service you want to promote, email marketing is an avenue to get those listings or service exposed to potential buyers or sellers.

Like i mentioned earlier, every marketing idea has different segment but all work for the common purpose of making sales. For email marketing, that is not an exemption.

The 4 basic elements of a successful brand/blog email marketing campaign

1. Newsletter

Email market 2

What better avenue to get your leads informed about happenings in your niche or market, your new services and promo than through email. Every successful email marketing campaigns must be integrated with a newsletter.

2. Drip email campaign

Drip email is a powerful way to keep in touch and pass useful information to your leads and prospects through emails based on the actions they took while on your brand website or blog.

It can also be used to send greetings on special occasion like New Year and Christmas eve. The whole process of drip email campaign are purely automated.

3. Listing update

Listing update is another automated email marketing procedure that is set up based on the criteria a lead is looking for in a property.

It is a great way to keep your leads informed about what happened to their favourite item like when the price goes up or down, when the item is off or withdrawn from market and when items that meet there criteria are listed for sale.

4. Personal email

A personal email is not automated and it’s a direct reply to queries and replies you got from other email campaign you sent.



These are basically the reasons and elements of email marketing and it goes a long way to bringing traffic to your site and increases your conversion rate too.

For bloggers like me, there are other ways as email marketing is not the only way. They are:

  • Social media
  • Natural search
  • Online PR
  • Link Building
  • Paid Analytica

I hope i wrote your minds?  leave your comments.

Thank you.Bluecodes


5 Negative Aspects Of Social Media

By Chioma Anigbogu


Social media and technology has improved some aspects of our lives like providing lower cost and wider outreach for marketing, providing more opportunities for writers and bloggers, removal of communication barriers, making and finding new friends and keeping in touch with old friends easier, speedier communication, building relationships. 

The accelerated increase of social media use has had a lot of negative impact on our personal lives and on the society in general; this is so true because as in a coin, everything has two sides and the social media is any different.

These are the 5 Mishaps of Social Media:

  • Addiction (and decreased productivity)

I’m sure everyone can agree with me that getting on the Internet is easier than getting off. Spending hours on the Internet is easier than it sounds. You tell yourself that you are just going to search for something on Google and soon you find yourself watching videos of cats drinking coffee or babies trying lime for the first time on YouTube. It reduces attention span and averts focus off important tasks. Teenagers suffer this the most. Assignments and projects are done at the last minute and not because they had more pressing things to do. There is always reduced productivity in Internet addicted people. Many firms have discovered that social networking sites prove a great distraction to their employees and has cost them lots of money. And there is a high rate of depression among addicts. You might think this is a joke or uncommon but right now, there are Internet addiction rehabs.

  • Lack of privacy

Carelessness in revealing personal information on the Internet makes you susceptible to stalking, identity theft and so on. These information are forever accessible but it seems this doesn’t occur to us. Some people tell people everything they did (and ate) on Facebook. Like “I just woke up. About to take a shower”, then minutes later you see “On my way to work at….”. Few hours later, it’s “Off to catch an early lunch at ….. restaurant” or “On my way to ….bank”. Some things are meant to be private. Learn to keep some things private.

Don’t even get me started on people that post nude pictures online whether it’s theirs or not. Downloading your pictures or videos doesn’t take long.

I for one have seen my profile picture as someone’s pc wallpaper. Trust me, it was creepy.

Some of these sensitive data can be used against you. Furthermore, companies now run background checks on people before hiring them. I’m sure you wouldn’t want prospective employers to see pictures of you doing shots in a nude club.

  • Cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying is the use of electronic media to bully a person typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature or posting insulting comments about someone. This is most common among teenagers. A study has shown that 95% of teenagers who use social media networks have witnessed cyber bullying and 33% have been victims themselves (survey at Internet Safety 101). Children are exposed to online predators on social media. In serious cases, victims have been terrorized and pushed to suicide.

  • Isolation

A lot of people (children included) no longer know how to enjoy the world around them. It seems like we are more caught up in what is happening online than what is happening in our families.  We have forgotten how to make friends in the real world. Virtual interaction has made it too simple for introverts to be more introverted. We ignore people around us and focus on people online. Family bonds are weak as members don’t spend time together. We substitute online relationships for physical relationships. The number and quality of relationships are drastically reduced. Couples, friends, siblings etc drift apart. This also increases the risk of depression.

  • Exposure of kids to sensitive content

Kids are now more susceptible to photos and videos that contain sex and violence. As there isn’t censure, they see all kinds of stuff that are posted online. They’re exposed to people and situations that are unsuitable for them.


Caution should be exercised when dealing with social media. Maximum security settings should be used. Sensitive information shouldn’t be posted online. Kids’ use of the internet and social media should be closely monitored. Curtail the amount of time you spend online. Enjoy the positive benefits of social media but make sure not to let it affect you negatively.


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