Thinking through my fingers



At ‘BLUECODES’ our philosophy is to make you see the abilities that abound in you even with so many faults as people will have you believe. Our only goal here at this blog is to give you that ‘ I CAN DO IT’ mentality–generally personal improvement is what we work towards through contents on productivity, health, relationships, spirituality, fashion, finances and anything it will take to get you that persona that isn’t easily discouraged. Every content/post released here will be focused towards helping you achieve this goal. We intend to build a TRIBE and not just creating a traffic. Tribe according to Seth Godin is:

A group of people connected to an idea, connected to a leader, connected to one another.

By TRIBE I believe you now understand what we meant in this particular context.


This blog has been founded and run by Arinze-ago Confidence.


QuintessenceArinze-ago Confidence is a freelance writer from Nigeria who has been writing articles since 2009. He started this blog in January 2012 and has been trying always to maintain the philosophy of the blog. He runs the blog and would accept like-minded blogger as he to work together and affect millions of lives.

We tend to make reasonable deductions here, there are no prejudices but revealing truths. Read and get educated!!


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