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5 Blogs To Follow This October

By Confidence Ago-arinze


Hello there…… first things first; welcome to the new month October,hope it becomes all you wish for.

Last month i started off a category ‘blogs to follow’ and it is to be a monthly post.

Sequel to that is the month of october ‘5 blogs to follow’.

Remember these posts are meant to show you the blogs/sites i think are awesome enough for you to not just read but follow; mostly because they’re good read.


These are the 5 blogs i would love you to check out in this month of October.

Jeff Bullas 

jeff bullas

I came across this blog some five/six months back and ever since then, it’s been an addiction for me. Jeff Bullas understands the technicality behind content marketing, SEO and anything about everything that it’ll take to make your online marketing a success. I think you should check it out .

Miss Techy

MissTechy Header

I also stumbled on to this blog a few months back and i was impressed with Toby Ayeni’s way of writing ‘tech’ articles. What is more intriguing is that the blog fascinates you and will make you want to come back to see more posts especially if you are from Nigeria . When you go through the blog, you’ll understand why it made my ‘blogs to follow’ this month.

Destiny Man


Personally, i call this site the ‘Forbes of africa’ . I have been a reader of Destiny Man for close to two years now and i have not seem to tire of it. You know the ratings, financial insights and Business education plus other really cool stuffs you love to read on Forbes,Times magazine etc; that’s the kind of feel you get when you’re on to Destinyman’s magazine site . Do check it out

Scary Mommy

logo Scarymommy

You know all the joy and pains of motherhood that we don’t really know of? it comes alive on this wonderful hilarious site. A friend introduced me to this site and ever since, i’m glad he did because i could read of the fears, pains and joy of being a mommy.

Every post is written with such humor that makes you want to love your mother and never want to leave the site. what’s more, it is mostly articles contributed by different mommies from every work of life.

truth is, behind all the humor and jokes in the posts on this site, the details really lies in reading the articles and understanding it. Mommies and ‘mommy-wannabes/soon-to-bes’ should check this out.

Style Vitae

fashion style

“I’m a classic man” (in Jidenna’s voice) and trust me no matter how stylish you think you are, you can never get enough tips on how to really own your style!

This fashion blog has been one of the many blogs i term ‘my guilty pleasure’ and that being said, it will be really cool if you check it out (that’s if you haven’t already) because it’s ‘kinda a big deal’.


And i hope you enjoyed it. Expect the ‘blogs to follow’ in November, God willing.

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