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5 Blogs To Follow Next Month

By Confidence Arinze-ago

Truth be told, if you are an avid reader, you’ll agree there is this form of confidence you have that you can not really explain. That confidence is so much that you always have something to say about anything that anyone could probably bring up as discussion because you are so well read that you’ve seen or read that particular topic somewhere or somehow (That’s being versatile)

It’s a no-brainer that i should love reading owing to the fact that i create contents that warrant good study habits hence the very educative contents you read off from this blog. What you might not know is that i have external influencers who spur me on and keep me in check through their mind blowing contents on their sites. I really go to these sites often to get one or two things that will finally inspire a content that i eventually put up here. I am so knowledgeable in most topics because i READ ALOT!

It has occurred to me that i might have been a little ‘selfish’ by not sharing my reading aids and knowledge factories. So, i have decided to let you in into my ‘Knowledge factories’ on a monthly basis. This is the reason for this post (the month of August is almost through, so this covers for the month of September). BLOGS TO FOLLOW is set to be posted once every month just for your perusal.

These are the 5 blogs you should probably follow in the month of September if you have not:


Steve pavlina

Steve Pavlina was one of my earliest influences when it comes to blogging. This site is a developmental blog site and you can guess that was where Bluecodes Blog ideology came from.

It was in reading Steve’s blog that i knew what i wanted to do with my blogging and i have not stopped reading or following this blog. Trust me, you will always want to go back to this blog if you read a post there because the ’embedded’ knowledge is out of this world. You should try checking it out one of these many days in September.

Don’t take my word for it, just log on to Steve . You can thank me later.


Quicksprout logo

Quick Sprout is another good read. It is not just the fact that the contents are wonderful but they are instructive and very educative too. Quick Sprout has been one of my latest influences and truth be told, i have more direction in my writing ever since i came across this site.

Most of the internet marketing skills, technicalities in the blogosphere; i got to learn them from this site. You will be singing Halleluyah when you’ve gone to the Quick Sprout University.



Writers in Charge as the name implies, puts you the writer in charge! This is also one of my biggest influence because i understood how to start and go about freelance writing online first from this blog before any other. i don’t joke with the emails from this blog at all.

Bamidele Onibalusi is a great writer and has a great mind too, you should check this blog out if you haven’t. In Nigeria, a populated country of over 180 million people and thousands of bloggers who blog to compete, his blog was ranked among the top 10 best blogs. The blog is always a good read and you will love to read it always.


Carol Tice

I came across this blog by being an ardent reader of writers in charge blog.  what i love most about this blog is how the founder; Carol Tice arranges thoughts to empower freelancers. The tips work for freelancers that are ready to work. I don’t joke with this site as it gives me more knowledge about my online freelance writing.

If you are serious about working freelance and probably making money off it, then Freelance Writers Den is where you should consider visiting often.



What Neil Patel does on this blog is ingenious. this blog caught my attention when almost every one i knew were all about ‘Nutrition blog’. I decided to check it out and i got stuck because it was a wonderful read. He started this blog as a test, to show and teach his readers something and trust me, it was indeed a nice teaching ‘tool’. 

Neil Patel is also the founder of  Quick Sprout and if you have gone through the blog; Quick sprout, you’ll agree with me that he’s nothing other than a genius!

I read this blog alot and what i love most is the tagline: I’m kind of a big deal. He definitely knows his onions,check it out!


This is the first set of ‘Blogs to follow’ and believe me, you would not want to miss the next one. Believe me whenever you hear me say i am an avid reader because even if i tire of reading books, i never tire of reading these blogs and many more blogs i will be sharing with you in time to come.


Check them all out!!!



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