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Annoying Habits That  Are Unfortunately Common

By Chioma Anigbogu


Habits are integral part of our personality. That being said, it is important habits are pinpointed and if it is found to be bad, then the needful is to be done… correcting the habit.

I painstakingly studied a set of people, even the very educated ones and these bad habits were what i noticed overtime. Now I know you would want to believe that none of the things you’re about to read apply to you. I can tell you that  you are probably wrong. If you do find you’re guilty of any, do something about it.


  • Urinating in gutters or at roadsides

I believe that if you have the urge to pee and you are in a car or you are walking, that you should try to find somewhere that’s not along where people pass. Go in a little deeper to somewhere more hidden.

  • Stretching your hand over people’s food


Some of us tend to stretch their hand over other people’s food. This is really ANNOYING whether you are sitting at a dining table or in public. It’s not hygienic. If you want to reach out to some thing and you have to put your hand over someone’s food to get it , you should probably tell the person to pass it to you rather than putting your hand over someone’s food.

  • Scratching your armpits or butt in public

Bum scratching

This is most common with the guys (no offense) though ladies are not exempted. People normally scratch in public, usually when they think no one’s watching and others even when they know someone’s watching them. This is NOT COOL. This is mostly a problem with those that sweat a lot. An advice for you.. Try to wear more airy clothes, this will help you to sweat less. Some sniff their armpits. Like why would you do that? If you think that your underarms smell, it probably does and you should take your hygiene more seriously. Shave your armpit hair. Invest in a deodorant. If you know you tend to sweat a lot, take more than 2 showers a day. Guys that come back from work and go to play ball and don’t take a bath before sleeping, I’m looking at you.

  • Nose picking

picking nose

I’ve seen people pick their nose with their fingers like they’re digging for gold and then wipe these same fingers on a seat or under a table or on a wall or on their clothes. Please, if there is actually something in your nose, use a handkerchief or tissue paper to wipe it and dispose the paper properly.

  • Spitting indiscriminately

When you want to spit, spit somewhere that people don’t walk frequently, somewhere covered with sand and then cover it up with sand. Avoid spitting on roads whether they’re major roads or pathways. I know everyone is disgusted when they see spit where they were about to step. If you are in or on a vehicle (car, bike, bicycle, tricycle or even unicycle), DO NOT under any circumstances, spit while in or on said vehicle. Spit into a tissue paper if you have to and dispose it later.

  • Throwing stuff out of cars or while walking on the road or into gutters

Roadside dumps most probably started with just an empty sachet or a banana peel or a plastic bottle. Then someone else walks by and throws something else there. Then someone else, then someone else and so on. The pile continues to grow. The next thing will be people complaining about the government’s lack of interest in the affairs of the people. This coming from the mouths of the same people that litter everywhere. I wonder if they expect the state governors or maybe even the president to come and sweep the roadsides and gutters. If you have something you want to throw away, hold on to it until you get to a dustbin. I’m sure whatever it is doesn’t bite. If you are in a car, you can keep it on the car floor until you get to your destination. Even if you see a pile on the way, don’t add to it. And if you do see someone about to do that, talk them out of it and talk them into talking someone else out of it. If we continue the way we are, nothing is going to be better.

  • Not excusing yourself before taking a call

This is more than rude. If you are with someone or some people and your phone starts to ring or you want to make a call, say “excuse me” before taking the call. If you ever have to leave someone or a group for any reason, you excuse yourself too.

  • Not saying “excuse me” to someone or some people standing with the person you want to talk to

It’s not the person you want to talk to that you excuse yourself from. It’s the other person or persons with him.

  • ‘Packing’


I have no idea what the correct term for this is. But please guys, stop ‘packing’. I don’t understand what the purpose for this is but please stop holding your crotch. It’s unsightly and ungentlemanly. This has become quite common but I’m sure you have observed that men of class, men who have substance, don’t ‘pack’.

  • Coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth/nose
  • Clicking heels and noisy earrings and bangles

Females, please, abeg stop making noise especially in quiet places with your accessories.


  • Wiping and flicking sweat
  • whistling at someone to get their attention

The polite and correct thing to do is to say or shout (depending on the distance between you and the person) “excuse me” or “hey”.

  • Sniffling
  • Discussing someone with someone else in their presence as if they’re not there

Let’s just say that this is very rude. Period.

  • Struggling for food or gift items shared at events knowing you won’t finish the food or use the item
  • Belching or burping
  • Taking part of someone’s food without their consent.


Did we mention a particular bad habit you have?


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