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How To Teach The Girl Child Sex Education

By Bluecodes’ Editors(@bluecodes)

Staring at the little bundle of joy, her melodious laughter like music to the  ears;you still can’t get over the fact that she came from you, that she’s part of you. Those are the thoughts that runs through the head of a mother whenever she sees her little girli guess.

The girl child is one of the most delicate things one can come across and should be taken care of well. I am not a feminist or anything like that but i believe the girl child is always in danger especially in this part of the world (Africa) if she is not nurtured and taught certain things by her mother or shown enough love by her father.

Beautiful girl

I listened to a talk show on radio while driving and what struck me was when i heard CHILD SEX ABUSE!! (It still beats me that child and sex could go together; no waay!)

Child sex abuse is becoming more common and 93% of cases are by trusted adults – parent, relative, family friend, teachers, neighbor, coach, babysitter even fellow kids. Child sex abuse include genital touching, penetration with penis/digit/object, showing genitals or porn to a child, asking child to touch own or another’s genitals, taking porn pictures of a child.

Kids won’t always tell if it happens because they are afraid of how you would react. Kids from three years old can be taught things that would keep them from being molested.

One of the most delicate job on earth is being a parent, more specifically, a mother. Parents should nurture, care,love,educate and protect their children; especially the girls. It is important the girl child is reminded often that she can tell her parents (mother) anything, no matter how bad or treacherous it is.

A wonderful relationship should be formed between mother and daughter as this will go a long way in making the child know that Momma is her friend and can be trusted with anything.


What A Mother Should Teach A Girl Child:

  • Teach kids often that there are no secrets between kids and parents.
  • They should be comfortable talking to their parents about anything.
  • Teach kids that any secret that they can’t tell you is a bad secret and that it’s okay to break it.
  • Teach Kids to tell you everything.I mean everything.
  • A girl child should always account for whatever she did at school, starting from the teacher to her assignments and the playground.

As uncomfortable as it can be talking to a little girl about sex,you just have to do it. Sex education has been a very sensitive topic in this part of the world for fear of what children are going to be exposed to and so it’s usually a ‘no go area’ for us here. The funny thing is this children get exposed to these things without their parents knowing of it and the worst mistake any parent can do is not educating these little girls enough to stall the evil that was waiting to happen; talk more of the child abuse sex. I can’t imagine any parent would want anyone taking away their daughter’s innocence. You have got to know the adults in your child’s life!


We came up with a template (kind of) that could serve as a sex education  for a little girl which will not blow things out of proportion and still achieve the goal of making the child knowledgeable enough and able to know what to do when faced with certain circumstances that they might meet. This is best if the two parent are involved in this conversation with their little girl.

Our Sex Education Template:

Baby,we have serious things to say to you. If anyone tries to do or say anything that makes you feel confused but the kind of confused that feels like it’s ok, TELL MUMMY! or DADDY!!

If anyone, even uncles or mummy’s friends touch you where your swimming suit usually covers (They are called your private parts), PLEASE TELL MUMMY! No one is allowed to touch or look at those places if mummy or daddy is not there.

If anyone wants to touch or see your private parts or tries to get you to touch or see theirs, give them a scare with a resounding NO!

If you are asked to do something you’re not sure is right, say NO!! Then tell us. Anything you’re not allowed to tell us is bad and its okay if you tell.

If a man tries to place that thin,elastic thing between his two legs in your hands or mouth(that’s his private part), yell! Run and tell MUMMY! If you can’t run, yell hard. People’s attention will be attracted. Ok,yell for daddy… “Arghhhhhh”, just like that; loud and clear hmm. Atta girl.

Sweetheart, you are not ready to do certain things; but we are old enough to choose what is wrong or right.  You are not old enough, so, DON’T EAT THAT ‘APPLE’ YET!!


Sex Education is something that needs to be taught regularly to the girl child, especially in this social media age where anything could be learned from anywhere without restriction . therefore, sex education is imperative and as a matter of fact is a good way to develop the girl child against perverts, pedophiles and other groups like that.

We advise that if one doesn’t know how to go about the sex education, they could take a cue from our template. Once parents are able to instill this consciousness into their little girl, then they can say they have prepared her the best they can. As a mother or father, you always have to do your best by her. it is your job as a mother is to love,nurture and educate while the father is there to protect, provide and show her love and you will do that for the rest of your life.



Hope we wrote something worth your while?

Thank you for reading our content.




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