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Reasons To Start E-mail Marketing

By Confidence Arinze-ago

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there but when it comes to follow-up and conversion of leads to sales, email marketing beats all other forms of follow-up and conversion ideas hands down.

I run a blog that’s wordpress-hosted and i know you will think to yourself “what can he possibly know about email marketing, afterall wordpress collates all the e-mail subscriptions for him”

yes, i know that too. But the thing is i have and i am still writing newsletters for corporate establishments and blogs and i have seen firsthand how e-mail marketing helps brands and increases conversion rates.


Email-Marketing (1)

When it comes to follow-up and conversion      of leads to sales, email marketing is         the undisputed world champion over social media or any other form of follow-up you may think of. Even when all other forms of follow-up tips are combined together, they still can’t boast of a higher conversion rate.





Reasons Why E-mail Marketing Is Important For A Successful Brand/Site/Blog Marketing.

Every segment of a brand/blogger agent marketing plan serves a specific purpose. For a marketing campaign to be complete and effective, all the segments that make up that marketing plan must be coordinated and channeled at the right direction for the single purpose of either making sales or increasing sales.


For email marketing campaign, it’s purpose is not to source for prospects or to capture the contact details of prospects but to follow-up and build relationships with prospects that is gotten from other marketing plan of a brand/blog until that prospect is ready to buy or yield to whatever it is you are selling.

Below are reasons why email marketing is very important to any brand/blog marketing

1. Used to nurture leads and build relationship

Do you know that prospects contact number you just received or that prospect that just viewed the listings on your website or blog is not yet ready to buy?

Do you also know that the average buying time of a prospective buyer is between six months to a year. If you know that then how do you keep in touch and create rapport with them until they are ready to buy your items/products?

Email marketing is your best bet to do that. It gets noticed more and gets read better by prospects than social networks combined.

2. Used to keep prospects updated & informed

Because of the high open and read rate of email marketing, it is the best avenue to provide useful information and updates to leads.

3. Used for promotional purpose

If you have a listing or service you want to promote, email marketing is an avenue to get those listings or service exposed to potential buyers or sellers.

Like i mentioned earlier, every marketing idea has different segment but all work for the common purpose of making sales. For email marketing, that is not an exemption.

The 4 basic elements of a successful brand/blog email marketing campaign

1. Newsletter

Email market 2

What better avenue to get your leads informed about happenings in your niche or market, your new services and promo than through email. Every successful email marketing campaigns must be integrated with a newsletter.

2. Drip email campaign

Drip email is a powerful way to keep in touch and pass useful information to your leads and prospects through emails based on the actions they took while on your brand website or blog.

It can also be used to send greetings on special occasion like New Year and Christmas eve. The whole process of drip email campaign are purely automated.

3. Listing update

Listing update is another automated email marketing procedure that is set up based on the criteria a lead is looking for in a property.

It is a great way to keep your leads informed about what happened to their favourite item like when the price goes up or down, when the item is off or withdrawn from market and when items that meet there criteria are listed for sale.

4. Personal email

A personal email is not automated and it’s a direct reply to queries and replies you got from other email campaign you sent.



These are basically the reasons and elements of email marketing and it goes a long way to bringing traffic to your site and increases your conversion rate too.

For bloggers like me, there are other ways as email marketing is not the only way. They are:

  • Social media
  • Natural search
  • Online PR
  • Link Building
  • Paid Analytica

I hope i wrote your minds?  leave your comments.

Thank you.Bluecodes



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