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Monthly Archives: August, 2015

5 Blogs To Follow Next Month

By Confidence Arinze-ago Truth be told, if you are an avid reader, you’ll agree there is this form of confidence you have that you can not really explain. That confidence is so much that you always have something to say about anything that anyone could probably bring up as discussion because you are so well …

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Annoying Habits That  Are Unfortunately Common

By Chioma Anigbogu   Habits are integral part of our personality. That being said, it is important habits are pinpointed and if it is found to be bad, then the needful is to be done… correcting the habit. I painstakingly studied a set of people, even the very educated ones and these bad habits were …

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The Man Behind The Name;Albert Einstein

By Chioma Anigbogu He is referred to as the most intelligent man to ever walk this earth. He was thought to be dull, in fact his teacher called him the dumbest student he had ever taught. But how did he go from dumb to very intelligent?, becoming everything his teachers ever dreamed of plus more. …

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How To Teach The Girl Child Sex Education

By Bluecodes’ Editors(@bluecodes) Staring at the little bundle of joy, her melodious laughter like music to the  ears;you still can’t get over the fact that she came from you, that she’s part of you. Those are the thoughts that runs through the head of a mother whenever she sees her little girl…i guess. The girl …

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Truths Behind Eating Right And Being Fit

By Chioma Anigbogu   We all hear a lot of stuff about eating healthy and I decided to research and debunk those that are myths and stress those that are true. These are what I found:   Skipping meals will help me lose weight faster.   Myth: While skipping meals may temporarily help you lose weight, …

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