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4 Sure Ways To Conquer Your Audience

I believe if the mouth is able to make sounds once it opens,then it has to be used to the fullest. Unless you suffer speech impediment, speaking confidently in public is something of importance.

This post is to show you how best to speak confidently in public without sounding vain or talkative. It is not meant to teach correct grammatical construct (that’s left for the lecturers and teachers of languages).

You walk into a room full with people, a lot of people and eyes look down on you;my guess is you would be like WTF!.

Most people become numb or shy all through their stay in a social gathering, smiling sheepishly and laughing to both funny and stupid talks by anyone.

Some people may start talking a lot, all in the bid to feel among or avert shyness. Hence, they tend to make fools of themselves and live to regret it greatly (trust me, I know!).

Some people feel so intimidated that they leave a social or official function because they feel they have nothing to offer since they could not contribute meaningfully to any discussion.

Suffice it to say that being afraid to express one self in public is not death sentence. The reasons you can not or have not been able to communicate confidently in public might be due to:

  • The Spotlight Effect

Psychologists say this is when someone feels or believe he/she is being noticed for one reason or another which probably is not true. It’s all in their head.

An individual who feels everyone notices a hole on their shoe might not feel the need to speak in public. If he does, he doesn’t do so confidently. Why? This is because he is probably finding the best way to hide that little hole on his shoe that he believes everyone has noticed.

  • Shyness

This is fear of social interaction. It is principally born out of timidity.

When an individual goes for a social outing for the first time, depending on the calibre of people that come for the social gathering and the personality of this individual; he might not just be able to socialise. This is because he feels he is below the class of the people he met there.

  • Agoraphobia

Chambers dictionary defines this as fear of crowds or uncontrolled social conditions. I don’t really know how this came to be.

Just like some people are scared of heights, small spaces or water etc. I think most times its from birth or as a result of certain experiences.

  • Bad Breath

Bad breath is an orphan!believe me. Once an individual has this, people naturally will not want to stand and listen to you whilst you blast away and injure their nostrils. Consequently, the individual with the bad breath feels the need to shut their mouth inorder to avoid inflicting hell on the nostrils of people.

Now those are the few reasons I think people are not able to speak confidently in public places.

But it should interest you that there are few things you can do to improve your confidence in social gatherings or outing.

These are the 4 sure ways to holding down your audience in any social gathering

  • #1 Command Of Words

Be it English, Spanish, Latin, Mandarin, Igbo or Kiswahili, command of words is very important.

The right choice of words (not necessarily vocalbularies), the synergism that exists between words when you speak. This simply endares people to you, even if you’re not sure of what you’re saying.

I have seen people who derail from the focus point of a discussion but people tend to listen to them more because they present word on words beautifully.

Ever heard of the clause “improve your argument not your voice”? I believe it works here perfectly.

  • #2 Knowledge Of Topic On Ground

Knowledge is general understanding or familiarity with a subject. You have to really understand what is being discussed in a social gathering before you can actually speak and do so confidently.

If a discussion on paradigm shift in the socio-economics of an industry is on, before you can actually air your view confidently; you have to be knowledgeable to an extent in that particular topic of discussion.

Being knowledgeable is not necessarily wisdom. Therefore, talking a lot can be way out of line and foolishness on your own part.

You are knowledgeable, yes, but speak only when it’s intelligent enough to cause an awww among your audience.

This is when you will get to understand that being able to speak confidently in the public and holding down your audience is an art. Always seek knowledge and talk less too.

  • #3 How You Reply Compliments Or Derogatory Remarks

Truth is when you are all dressed up for an event, you’ll either be complimented or insulted. Eitherway, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your replies; intelligent replies.

For instance: “Phoebe, you look exceptionally beautiful today”
good reply: Oh thanks, far too kind.

“John, your suit is nice but you look like a puffed bread in it”
good reply: Oh well,thanks. Its an art I’m still perfecting on.

It boils down to mannerism and command of words still. Someone who is ill-mannered will get angry, curse and leave. But with the right words and a smile; intelligent replies turn insults or ‘disses’ to your stepping stone in the public.

This could be practised at home if you wish and it will help your confidence in the public as you would expect anything from anyone and be able to give a concurrent answer that will keep you on track to hold down your audience in that social gathering.

  • #4 Improve Your Public Persona

Some people will disagree with me but you have to differentiate your public persona from your family or normal character.

Many musicians are quiet people naturally but on stage they show a different persona. That’s because it will get them the audience they want.

Psychologist say that there are three components of personality: the id, ego and super ego. These three components go a long way to affect an individual’s personality.

In order to really be confident in social gatherings or official meetings, improving your public persona is key. You don’t necessarily have to change your personality but rather improve how you act in public.

Your dressing to a social gathering is a factor in conquering that public and holding down an audience for yourself. The right clothe, nice cologne and accessories, designer shoes and an ‘out-of-this-world’ gait to finish up. This is first step to conquering the public.

If at home you eat rice in a bowl and with your hands, in public gatherings step up to china plates and good cutleries. Learn social etiquette and follow through judiciously.

Once your persona is improved, you feel more confident in public. With this, the fear of speaking will disappear and the rest will be history.


Some people are born sanguines and they don’t need any grooming to speak in social gatherings. Some have been groomed for such occasions from birth. But if you don’t fall into any of the groups, I believe learning and practicing these 4 ways will better give the rudiments in confidently conquering the public and to hold down your audience too.



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