Thinking through my fingers

Steps In Becoming A Better Individual

By Osemwegie Henrietta


A saying once goes like this:“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was d only one who asked why”
Millions of people are not capable of achieving their dreams, goals or vision not because they are not strong enough but for the fear of them loosing.
I had instances where I got to talk to people and they tell me the big things they would want to do but they are scared they can’t achieve them. No risk is too great to prevent the necessary job from getting done. They all have got the talent to do one thing or the other but they lacked the determination to do it.
You must create a mindset that there is nothing impossible to do. Impossibility only exists in the dictionary of “Fools”. I do believe that people can practically do anything they set out to do if they apply themselves diligently and learn. If you know how to do one thing well, you can do virtually everything. To be able to do the impossible then you have to be inquisitive and curious to know the reason things happen.
I keep six honest-serving men; They taught me all I know. Their names are:

  • WHAT
  • WHY
  • WHO


Lets deal with them one after the other:

To understand this ‘man’ WHAT, you must begin by knowing the purpose of your existence. Everything that exists has got an existence and misplacing that purpose could cause pain to the person in question. Imagine humans not knowing the purpose of an Aeroplane, they’ll practically use it for some other purpose and that will be counter- productive making the aeroplane seem useless, little wonder the intelligent man Albert Einstein opined

If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live it’s whole life believing that it is stupid

Seek this honest-serving man early enough and you’ll be really glad you did.

This ‘man’ works hand-in-hand with WHAT. It concludes your appetite for purpose after getting it in the first place by meeting the man WHAT.
You get to Understand why you can be what you dream of achieving. You then see that there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

You known your purpose and the reason why you have to work in that stead. Now time to begin is BLISS

When begins with you being able to evaluate and know you need to act. This ‘honest-serving’ man is a very good friend if you seek it.

How do these things work? how do I go about achieving my dreams and not letting them die without them being established? Once you can figure out how to answer all these questions, then the sky is only but a starting point.


This place I am heading to, where is it going to lead me to? WHERE is meant to assure you of a destination after already encountering the other honest-serving men previously mentioned.


This has a great influence, who are my friends? can their influence change my thinking, zeal or desire? “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you will be tomorrow”. As hard and complicated as it might sound, it is very true. Who you associate with, who you look up to and who advises and instructs you go a long way to determining your mentality and persona. With this at the back of your mind, I bet you will know better to dissociate with those that aren’t like-minded as you are.

The six honest-serving men made me understand the reason for everything and geared me up to know there us nothing as the word “IMPOSSIBILITY”
Fire is the test of gold, adversity is for strongmen.



One of the most misleading statement by the social scientists of the 21st century is: That which holds man down is the product of his environment. Do not let environment be a factor that would limit you. You should be a product of the decisions you make and the actions you take daily and implement them. This makes you a victim of the events around you and do not give you the opportunity to act audaciously. This statement by the scientists has led lots of people down the drain with their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Your background should not allow you be restricted to your aspirations and you would be like: ‘Poor Little Old Me Syndrome’. That’s why the choice you make and the decision you take today will definitely make you or mar your dreams. Pay the price to buy your dream because it is only in the selling of today that you can buy tomorrow.
There is one key that can help you build a compelling future and change your life which is “I CAN DO ALL THINGS”

You should be able to have that ability to choose or reject. Making a choice is difficult for most people. When you make the wrong choice this can destroy all you have laboured for and makes you start from the scratch and slows down your acceleration in doing things, then things become very difficult to do. You become weary and tired because you are being thrown back to the bottom and made to re-do the already done things.

How prepared are you to engage in the battles of life? Nothing comes easy and those that do, don’t last. When you are unprepared, you live a haphazard life .Make preparation in advance. You will never have trouble when well prepared.

Procrastination is the act of keeping up with yesterday .When you procrastinate, you give yourself a pile of work to do. What you would have done yesterday, you move it on and on and things really gets tight. I always had this at the back of my mind that: PROCRASTINATION IS A GRAVE IN WHICH OPPORTUNITY IS BURIED!
Yes, you should never forget this!

The world is waiting to laugh at you and your dreams but your courage and steadfastness would make you stand out. A man who is everywhere is nowhere and a man who takes everyone’s advice, hook, line and sinker is ready to be a failure and live in the world of impossibility.


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