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Why Everyone Else Is Taken

Hello,first thing;a happy new year to you all as this is my first post this year.What i am about to write on, most of you know already but i chose to start with this post because you need a ‘genesis’ before proceeding and this i believe is the nitty gritty of self-improvement though not necessarily the starting point. What’s more, you can not overly state the importance of this post which intends to strike some chords in you.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details(which i believe you already know) but i will make mention of it for some who might not know it. Of course,there are generally four main temperaments(as conceived by Hippocrates) and they are: the Choleric, the Sanguine, the Melancholy and the Phlegmatic. As normally found in any other category, these temperaments can be combined for an individual(could be a combo of two or more of the temperaments). Generally,temperaments are said to be the combination of your parent’s genes and chromosomes at conception,which determined your basic temperament nine months before you drew your first breath and it is largely responsible for your actions,reactions,emotional responses, and to one degree or another, almost everything you do.

The Choleric
The choleric is fundamentally ambitious and leader-like.They’re hot,quick,active,practical,strong-willed,self-sufficient,decisive,opinionated and very independent. They can dominate people of other temperaments with their strong wills.However,they can easily fall into deep depression or moodiness when failures or setbacks befall them.

The Sanguine
These are very much people persons,basically sociable and pleasure-seeking,lively,warm,buoyant,talkative and not shy.A sanguine can feel the joys and sorrows of the person he meets and has the capacity to make him feel important as though he were a very special friend.Sanguine personalities generally struggle with following tasks all the way through and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic.

The Melancholic
They are often perfectionists,analytical,gifted,self-sacrificing and fundamentally introverted. A melancholic desire recognition for his work.One negative part of being a melancholic is that they can get so involved in what they are doing that they forget to think of other issues.

The Phlegmatic
A phlegmatic is relaxed and quiet,easygoing,warmly attentive,lazily sluggish and kind.He is the easiest type of person to get along with and is by nature the most likeable of all the temperaments.They may be shy and often prefer stability to uncertainty and change. Their fear of change can make them susceptible to stagnation or stubbornness,or even illness. (Want to read more on temperaments,then check here:

Who Are You Then?
You are the most unique peculiarly-important thing ever on the surface of God’s green earth.What’s more,you need to understand the ‘Dos’ and ‘Donts’ that pertain to you. Suffice it to say that you have strengths and weaknesses and these two are intertwined,you on the other hand cannot really get a real definition to ‘YOU’ until you understand and ingratiate the facts about your strength and achilles heel into your psyche.

How Do You See Yourself?
The way you see yourself is really important because this has a major effect on you,your gait,your personality,how you relate with people,and how easily ‘bad-talks’ by other people get to you.A little tale about myself:i come from a family of tall and huge male with strong personality(as most people believe your physical presence is your personality).i was just an average height young man,people constantly put it to my face of how ‘petit’ i supposedly am and the disadvantages that comes with my statue. This in turn made me sad and somewhat more isolated than often.I became so insecure,timid and very shy. Caving in became my last resort and what this did to me was help me discover myself by means of reading books that brought up the abilities i didn’t know i had.Instantly,i started seeing myself differently;instead of fear and rejection,faith,strength and appreciation for my being ensued.Now,i can hardly find anyone that can intimidate me even if you’re a giant(on a neutral ground and if coercion is not involved of course).I am so confident of myself that i don’t get tongue-tied in front of a crowd anymore and i’d rather intimidate a person than allow myself get intimidated.(Anyone reading this post that knows me well,can attest to that). But few years back,i was completely opposite of all this until i learnt to look at myself differently.I learnt to accept ‘ME’ for me.

The long and short of all this is for you to look within yourself and appreciate your strengths,deal with your weaknesses and love YOU,particularly because that is only how people get to accept and respect you accordingly.

Everyone Else Is Taken
The truth you must know and accept is that everyone is Unique.Every fingerprint differ, what that tells you is pretty simple:YOU are you,I AM me.. Take for instance,Micheal Jackson didn’t change so he can become or be like Bill Gates,the same way Barrack Obama didn’t change so he can become an American president. Every athlete in a race runs on his own lane,in the same veil everyone else is taken;in that you pursue your dreams and goals in the best way possible as regards your persona,abilities,capabilities,strength and knowledge.
Don’t try to imitate someone else though you can emulate from people to better your opportunities. I believe Oscar Wilde couldn’t have said it better when he said:

Be yourself,every other person is taken

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By a brilliant mind,read Gratuituously!!!


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