Thinking through my fingers


There’s really much to be thankful for in the year 2013. I think the year came with it’s own mix of joy and sorrow and in so doing shot down many people, literally speaking. I would like to think that this year made me more responsible and hardworking.

First thing was,I visited the orphanage twice this year on very good dates; valentine’s day and my birthday(February 14 &December 14) and it really felt nice to do that.I went on an industrial training which turned out to be awesome even though everything i planned for with my mum and Aunty didn’t work out and it was really annoying(I must confess).
Then in April;precisely 20th,nature dealt my family and I a very bad card;I lost my great dad, High chief Ago kanu Jackson Ekeledo(Eliwe Uzo,Eliwe Ehi {1} of isingwu) and why this pained me much was that my dad had suffered two stroke attacks and the week he died,my sister and I have been running a programme in church(Night vigils)which anyone would ordinarily think it enough to make God spare his life.But you know what they say,everything happens for a reason and we are only to continue trusting and believing in God.

I made many acquaintances this year through my industrial training (I had thought I am nolonger friendly because my circle was continuously reducing;maybe I’m just getting wiser ni :D) and was really fun meeting new people.
The good part also in the year was my elder sister got married to a Londoner in Caterham, London and another of my elder sister went to run her Masters programme abroad. I also got to meet some of my cousins I didn’t really relate with because of my Father’s burial plus other great things that happened,thank God for my momma and my family.

On my blog and writing,it was awesome this year. I really got serious with my writing and the social networking of the blog and incredible views was my reward. I got people emailing, telling me how wonderful the blog was and that I should continue the good work (even though they never comment on the posts in the blog and wouldn’t follow it or like it but they read every single post I make;it’s better than no views,no comments and no likes). I got discouraged most times especially after going through some of my blogger friends’ site(yes,I really made lot of bloggers as friends this year,that’s how serious I became) and I even got more discouraged anytime I source for Guest writers for my blog and I’m turned down or given excuses(what it did later was to make me improvise). I entered for an award and didn’t get selected(probably because I didn’t get enough votes or maybe because I didn’t meet some of the criteria like having atleast two people write for your blog) and I didn’t get sad because I know hope never dies. And watchout for Bluecodes next year,innovation is going to be the core incentive.

I got into many businesses this year,some online affiliates, associate with business men and others like that.They didn’t and haven’t really paid off like I would expect,but like I said ‘HOPE NEVER DIES'(that’s my new watch clause)
And I have more businesses up my sleeve,all I always pray to God for is an idea that can change my whole world and associates that’ll help make it tangible. I know God is not deaf;he’ll soon surprise me and everyone else.(Fingers crossed).

This is probably my last post for 2013 and I believe it is a start to a greater blogging experience for me in 2014 because I strongly believe something new and big will happen to Bluecodes’ blog come next year. And we are still in the festive period and so Compliments of the season to you all again.

I want to end this post with few punchlines from a rap I did(yes,I’m multitalented but not trying to be jack of all trade,lolz)
Born a kid king,
now a crown king,
though I can’t sing,
but I can atleast sting
Story of my life with
all the hopes alive
Hustlers are getting dope
but I’m just getting smart
least of all my worries
the fear of failure
been a long time coming
but success is inevitable now
don’t y’all believe me…huuuh!

AU REVOIR 2013;really, break a leg!
AND 2014,NAMASTE! Another chance indeed

By a brillant mind,read gratuituously!!


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