Thinking through my fingers

Walk the walk

Yeah! Some people might be fly,yet they are lonely

some beautiful,yet no attention

some honest,yet they’re making no head way

while some others are extemely generous but are always taken for a ride.

MUst u be a sycophant to gain favour? Why must u always say the truth to make an impact? Must u always give alms to be likeable? Do u always have to accept what people tell u simply because they are older or presumably wiser than u? Must u make sense out of nothing just to prove ur worth? Nah! Y? Because in this life u create the path u follow and how u do it is no body’s bizz but the almighty himself,so u don’t have to go out of ur way to please people save it’s necessary because those same people care less of what or who u are or become but one thing that is a proven fact is that everyone likes to identify with success.This is the more reasons u’ll have to make plans to walk a walk that takes u to heights where people only want to see u& identify with u even those who want to criticise u do it constructively.DON’T EVER GIVE EARS TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING OR MIGHT SAY BECAUSE OPINIONS ARE THE CHEAPEST COMMODITIES AND U CAN BUY OR FORGET AS MANY AS YOU WANT,AND AS FOR THE CRITICISMS;IT IS A CONFIRMATION THAT YOU’VE WALKED THE WALK AND THOSE WHO CAN NOT DO IT ARE BITTER.LIFE IS SIMPLE BUT HARD,EVEN AT THAT “LIFE IS GOOD” ALWAYS HAVE THAT AT THE BACK OF UR MIND AND U WON’T AGE FAST

An old write up of mine but I decided to post it here so you can read too. Don’t forget to leave a reply.
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