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FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN{good or bad?}

Hey,it’s me again but today i have a case study which i’d love to throw more light as far as my knowledge can carry me. So,just drill this case with me and let’s see how far we can get.

Have you ever considered climbing a ladder only to discover it was leaning against the wrong wall and all of a sudden,you stopped climbing. What happened? have you ever found yourself in a place where you have to make a deep decision for a group of people who solely depend on you and you couldn’t do that not becos you can’t but rather you won’t.What happened? again did you bother to find out want stopped you from taking that direction you wanted to take?. or why you lost faith in something?. All this were as a result of the phenomenna known as Fear Of The Unknown.

I have been a victim of this severally and it never occurred to me why until one day when it all became crystal clear. Fear as we all know exists but the cause we don’t really know and as long as we’ve taken cognizance of fear it mars us. I’m sorry to point this out but most of the high and mighty men are the ones that fear the most not to mention names. But let’s face it,it’s actually normal to be afraid because it eases tension but what i’m so stressed up about is that the ‘fear phenomena’ isn’t enough that we have to go the extent of being afraid of what we don’t even know or see. For the record,my definition of fear is;
E=Evidences that
so from this we can deduce where i’m heading. There are certain facts(not that i know any personally so you can say it’s a theory)i would like to bring to our knowledge about the fear of the unknown viz;
*Fear of the unknown has rendered many potentially great men and women useless and hopeless or worst still dead.(try this one,”many die with their gifts still in them,many at times they are still getting
ready and before they know it—–they’re gone”)

*It has turned many physically strong men to cowards

*This phenomenon has rendered countries poor and people wretched(i.e even poorer,note; no word as ‘poorer’ in the dictionary)

*It has caused many failings in life;exams and goals of many people are shattered even before they start or get into them because of fear.

*It has made young people like you and i(well atleast me in case if anyone counts himself/herself out) loose many goals that would have taken us to our destinations faster.

So, in conclusion to this little journey the answer to the question fear of the unknown good or bad? depends on persons but my answer is a capital BAD. And how do i think one can atleast reduce this phenomenon to it’s barest minimum is by these factors viz;
*Decision: once the mind is made up on a particular thing it’s hard to go back.

*Determination:this is just the ‘i can’ attitude which is very essential to conquer the ‘destructive thing’ fear.

*Trial: A trial won’t hurt they say but that’s a lie because it might cut real deep but what matters is that you tried what you believed in and even though you didn’t achieve it,there’s a reverberating joy that feels you soul.

*Try Again And Again till it works or atleast you get close enough to your achievement.

That’s all i can say for now but what i mean to say to us all is that things do happen, so make them happen!To every youth in the world and above all great ideologists and pacesetters in the world———IT WOULD RATHER BE A TRAGEDY AND FAILURE TO HUMANITY TO COME TO THE END OF YOUR LIFE AND REALIZE HOW MUCH MORE YOU COULD HAVE ACHIEVED WITH YOUR LIFE THAT YOU DID NOT. I’m going to drop my golden pen here with what Rihanna and T.I sang “Just live your life” don’t mind the fear that wants to wallow cause it isn’t real until you say it is. THANKS

There's really nothing to fear.

There’s really nothing to fear.

By a brillant mind,read gratuituously!!


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