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Monthly Archives: December, 2013


There’s really much to be thankful for in the year 2013. I think the year came with it’s own mix of joy and sorrow and in so doing shot down many people, literally speaking. I would like to think that this year made me more responsible and hardworking. ========================================================== First thing was,I visited the orphanage …

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Dangers Of Eating Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles Instant noodles have become a favorite food that is often eaten daily because of its yummy taste and extremely easy to make. It has replaced the proper healthy meals. Here we list top 10 Reasons why should we avoid instant noodles. 1. Nutrient Absorption : Noodles inhibit the absorption of nutrients for the …

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Alternative for Breast Augmentation–Thai breast-slapping

Tobnom breast-slapping Tobnom has been government-licensed for her unique method of slapping to shift fat from one area to another and kneading to work excess fat toward where they belong – the breasts. Infamous now, the Thai Breast Slapping is a method of delivering rhythmic, kneading slaps to a women’s breast to increase the size …

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“You can never be anything in life!” she said to me one afternoon. Those words’ll never bid bye to my memory. I’d come home from school and was tired and famished. I entered the kitchen. Surprisingly, there was nothing to quell my hunger. So I decided to boil yam. And the next thing I heard …

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Five stages of loss

Grief The stages of mourning and grief are universal and are experienced by people from all walks of life. Mourning occurs in response to an individual’s own terminal illness or to the death of a valued being, human or animal. There are five stages of normal grief that were first proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in …

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