Thinking through my fingers




There’s no blueprint to life and so we make of life what we want. That being said,I believe family is one of the oldest institutions that has been and will be for a very long time. Correct me if I’m wrong,since family springs up from marriage which is God’s own gift to man,isn’t it safe to say that family is Divine?and that nothing spells unity like Geneology or gene line or anyhow you may call it?.
Suffice it to say,there’s always a favourite in anything and even parents have got favourite child to whom they give an unequivocal love and hold in high esteem. I personally loathe the idea of ‘the favourite child’,why? Because it breeds jealousy,anger and strife amongst the siblings. But Family love is still the ‘achilles heel’ to many and who knows what to expect from this weakness.

I know a family,from outside they are an ideal family and everyone wishes to be like them;everybody believes a ‘perfect’ family exists because of this family. Meanwhile,behind closed doors,this is a family that rarely enjoys peace in a week without one person lashing out on another or one problem encroaching them because of a particular member of the family who happened to be the Mother’s favourite child. Being her favourite child makes her not see anything wrong in whatever the girl does and this lead to an unwanted pregnancy which gave life to a baby boy. This has caused her(the mother) more harm than good and causes misunderstanding between her children and her,albeit they still love her and their sister even more now she gave birth. This mummy’s favourite girl gets into trouble and the siblings always try to help and this strong love of the mother to the daughter causes ill-health most time to her and depletes the family finances the more as she has to take care of herself and carter for the daughter’s son as the father is irresponsible(actually a paupa).This family love caused so much harm that the siblings trying to protect their sister whom they loathe for bringing so much pain to the family and their mother and love for the single fact that she’s their blood have to get locked up and bailed all thanks to the profound love a family conveys.

Every human has a breaking point,just as they all have their unique achilles heel. There’s nothing we can do about this like storms the ship wrecks because in the long run,we are only humans. When you find out your achilles heel,don’t dismay;you’re perfectly human.

By a brillant mind,read gratuituously!!


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