Thinking through my fingers

[RANTS]: ‘Just my two cents worth’

Yes,everything is the way it is and people act like they’re numb and insensitive to all of it. Worst still,they now live in it with joy and nolonger want change,the few that want the change desperately, voice it out, and they are ‘taken care of'(if you know what I mean).
The good thing here is;this is my blog and I can write whatever i deem necessary and true and the other thing is you all don’t necessarily have to agree because in the long run,they’re all just my 2 cents worth.

**Every richman in Nigeria wants to get into politics(which normally should be a good thing) to strengthen their businesses and help develop Nigeria as they would make us believe.But no,they get their and personal aggrandizement and egocentrism ensues through their embezzlement of public funds and neglect of projects and these are richmen ooh(like multi-millionaires,some multi-billionaires)who we believe shouldn’t ‘trip’ over a few million bucks anymore and yet they go there and embezzle more money.Why not let the poor get to the post then and become rich,since government seats are ‘money-making thrones’

** The world(especially USA) is complaining that Nigerians are scammers(they now generalize it to be all Nigerians) with special methodology that they attribute to ‘the Nigerian-scammers’,who they supposingly believe have duped many Americans of huge sums of money. Yet,they’ll give reports and records that Nigeria( same Nigerians ooh)that they tag no 1 in computer fraud are computer illiterates,how reasonable is that? Isn’t it propaganda that they don’t or rather won’t mention that you can’t talk Internet history without Dr Philip Emeagwali’s name sufficing(a Nigerian oh,helping the whole world),they won’t mention that Mr Uche Echeruo(Another Nigerian) had a wonderful directory site that Apples incorporated had to buy it from him for $1billion.No! They won’t site that,they only say the worst things.

**Nigeria keeps on deceiving itself by answering ‘the giant of Africa’ albeit the giant in terms of Population.Besides that,I don’t see any other thing that makes them Giants even as to the extent of ‘giant of the whole africa’. You need to be extraordinary to be that and is Nigeria Exceptional at all? Talk more of Extraordinary.

**Politicians and government tell us they want improved and good education for the youths and children of the country.Then why increase tuition fees every single year? If that is improving the standards of education,will the youth you claim to help partake of it?

**Poormen constantly complain that richmen are getting richer by the day.But when told what to do to get that money,you’ll discover they’re comfortable with poverty.

**That stupid thing people do after something has gone wrong;acting like they would have helped you had you asked for help before it happened(they won’t have looked at you a second time) now they want to play the blame game.Oh please

**The fact that one means is used to judge all students and that will be the yardstick to say a student is intelligent or dull. I think that is not fair because if you bring a fish out of the sea,you would think it’s useless. Besides,the best graduating students don’t usually end up well after graduation like those termed ‘dull’ by the lecturers.

**When it matters most,fathers are not always around.When the child turns bad,it becomes the woman’s child.For jupiter’s sakes take responsibility!

Well these are some of my rants but like I said ab initio, they’re just my 2cents worth. What can you rant about?


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