Thinking through my fingers

The 13th Month

I believe for every drop of rain that falls,a flower grows;I also believe that somewhere in the great darkness,a candle glows and that a worker deserves his pay after months or days of work.In an ideal case,these are all plausible but reality hurts and that’s why we need daydream at times you know.

Firstly,I want to say a big thank you to the contributors of this post;My quintessential mind,the dictionary,TV,environment,internet and the Lagos Populace. I’m entirely grateful to all of them(Lolz),they’re my rock!

Someone I know would ask,since when was a thirteenth month added to the calender? Or is this dude ‘nuts’?(Chillaaz)

The 13th Month Pay Law of 1987 defines 13th month pay as “1/12 of the basic salary of an employee within a calendar year.”
Normally all rank-and-file employees are entitled to the 13th month pay.By rank-and-file I mean,those workers who do not fall within any managerial post.
Having said this, 13th month pay is usually the total basic salary within a calendar year/12.

Putting Lagos state in this veil;that is the populace as the rank-and-file employees,the government as the ’employer’. Lagos is the commercial hob of Nigeria and centre of excellence and you will all agree that the everyday hustle and bustle by it’s populace has really proven it to be a commercial hob,with thousands trooping in and out of the state for business,non-business and ‘extra-business’ purposes. Maybe it is because of the nature of the state but with an ever-growing population,hustles and businesses are still gaining and flourishing.
One thing I noticed was that the crowded population instead of inhibiting communication and association within the different tribes that make up the populace(that makes Lagos arguably a ‘No mans land’)but these people come together for the purposes of growing businesses(both the tangible and intangible businesses),marriages,’Alaye-ism’ and even for starting up fracas here and there. You’ll watch the news on television and reports are calling Nigerians poor(they make it sound like it’s the poorest nation in the world)but when you step out for a little rendezvou,you’ll be surprised at the amount of businesses both big and small and the profit they make. You move to the lekki axis of Lagos island and new houses are always being built with people buying properties and you call this a very poor nation? The only time I can outrightly say one is poor in Lagos is not when they live at Ajegunle city(Infamous ghetto) or a ‘face-me-i-face-you’ apartment but when they obviously live under the bridges or are squatting with someone.I say so because those living in Ajegunle are sending their children abroad to school and the ‘face-me-i-face-you’ families are training all their children in a private universities.So how can you call these people poor? Poverty is in the mind,it is not where you live or how you dress that makes you poor.Some come in very poor to Lagos but are upgraded soon to another level even if not the rich level but better than the level they came in. It is safe to say that the majority of lagos dwellers are getting their ’13th month’ why did I say that? This is because,many hustle throughout the year and it doesn’t workout until maybe the very last minutes and that becomes a goodnews.For some still they don’t get what they’re looking for and have no other option than to move back to their villages but that is life and they are the few exceptions that didn’t or are not making it in lagos. Albeit,they went back to their villages but the experiencial knowledge they gained is priceless.Here(Lagos)it is the survival of the fittest;the weakest links are left behind.

One thing that is certain, is that in lagos,there are no lone rangers because you can’t survive alone.The secret is knowing your clique and clientelle well because everyone is willing to do anything to survive even cheating you out of your right(‘shine your eye).But still,”how can one of us be happy when all the others are sad”? This is why there is cooperation even if it is for bad reasons because in the long run ‘united we stand but divided we fall’
A society where people love one another even in poverty,where the zeal and doggedness of youngmen is indefatigable and even illiterates speak good english better than some graduates,a society that gives you a reason to smile whenever you travel back to your home town even if you eat four times a week and last but not least,a society that affords you the opportunity to meet and relate with people from different tribes and state in Nigeria and teaches you that ‘I am because we are’….UBUNTU!
Lagos state;indeed,the centre for excellence.

Through a brillant mind,read gratuituously!!


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