Thinking through my fingers

Stupid In L.O.V.E

Williams James said that possibly the deepest human need is to feel appreciated.
I can not agree less,but my question would be,for what reason or reasons are you being appreciated for as human? We love,and also want to be loved back. It’s a normal feeling as human and that’s why ‘Stupid in love’ by Rihanna always makes me laugh at the phenomenon…. ‘LOVE’ especially,the ‘first’ love…..smh.=D

As teens,when puberty sets off,you begin to feel matured;you know by looking at yourself at the mirror and seeing some strands of hair at your jaw that could be passed for a goatee and a voice that has now cadenced to a deep-barrytone voice.
Moving to a new school,with all these attributes that really makes you feel good about yourself,you can’t help but want to ‘hook up’;Because now,a girlfriend is needed to match the new masculine characteristics you’ve developed.So,you see a slim,tall,brainy,sumptuous and very pretty girl that every cool girl in school wants to be friends with;even your sisters wished they were her.Who better to fall in love with,to soothe the developing strands of hair on your chest and jaw and someone you could induce(Omo sexy….Yimu) with the deep voice.
A part in the verse two of the song says:
they tell me let go
He(she) is not the one
I thought I saw your potential
Guess thats what made me dumb
He(she) don’t want it
Not like you want it

Everyone begins to give you reasons why you shouldn’t be with this girl,but you love her(in your freaky mind,you thought). So,you give them more reasons why you’d remain with your new found love;“she’s beautiful,rich,tall,brainy and not just that,she is also madly inlove with me.I can’t fail her now”
So the love sails on the nile of ignorance and the both of you become the ‘SWEETHEARTS’ of the whole school. Infact,the most wanted couple on God’s green earth.Everyone loves and adores you and you stay up all night visualizing and even prophesying about marriage(hehe,awon Oshi).
Seconds become minutes,minutes hour,hours day and days into weeks;suddenly the interest with which you both started is gradually wearing out,albeit you both are still the most wanted ‘sweethearts’ in the whole school but you know you’re getting tired. What is happening? That’s what you ask yourself and so you try to make things workout but she’s not.Then she begins to nag,give other guys chances and when you complain,she’ll say you’re immature. At every little quarrel,she threatens you with a ‘break up’. Stories are going round school she’s messing around and you know it,but you’re keeping your cool. This is where the Chorus usually makes more sense:
This is stupid
I’m not stupid
Dont talk to me
Like I’m stupid
I still love you
But I just cant do this
I may be dumb but
I’m not stupid

What is happening?
Average lifespan of a romantic obsession is two years. If it’s a secretive love affair,it may last little longer. Eventually,however,you’ve all descended from the clouds and planted your feet on earth again.Your eyes are opened,and you see the warts of the other person.

So what next? The waters cross the bridge and you find yourself HEARTBROKEN!(Ptttf.)
You are now the ‘rejected’ stone of the whole school because the coolest girl in school dumped you and not just that,she made sure she brought you to nothing before leaving you hopeless.Love why?……..

Such is the feeling the song ‘Stupid in love’ evokes in me whenever I listen to it. What erupts in you when you listen to that ‘soul-warming’ song;let me know by leaving a reply.



  1. Hello,from what you said,you’ve really had a wonderful love life. I would not want to refer to it as the In-love phenomenon by Dr Dorothy Tennov would be out of place because you made mention of prayers.Who knows? Maybe a deity we can refer to as god is involved in your relationship. More grace


  2. viktor

    True love isnt a myth….. Since i got those hairs and that voice,i wooed my soul mate and ve been in a perfect relationship wit her ever since. Up&down yeah but 1st love and prayers keep us holding hands 2geda while kicking the pricks… 4years&running;)



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