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MoCK Thoughts

Mock tot 1 Mock tot 2(lolz) Mock tot 3 Funny tot This is a Pictogram post so to speak;I just can’t help but LOLZ! Hehe,especially at mock tot 2,that dream is craaaay! Mock tot 3,really ladies should applying some ‘thermacool’ on those unrully thoughts jare. Mock tot 4, NO CommEnts! Mock tot 5,smh;I’m a die-hard …

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Truth There’s no blueprint to life and so we make of life what we want. That being said,I believe family is one of the oldest institutions that has been and will be for a very long time. Correct me if I’m wrong,since family springs up from marriage which is God’s own gift to man,isn’t it …

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Sleeping positions determine your personality

Different people sleep differently. But does your sleeping position convey something about your true self? Psychologists say that when you sleep, your unconscious mind takes over and there is nothing which can restrict your body and its movements. So, your sleeping position can give others a glimpse into your personality. Let us have a look at …

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[RANTS]: ‘Just my two cents worth’

Yes,everything is the way it is and people act like they’re numb and insensitive to all of it. Worst still,they now live in it with joy and nolonger want change,the few that want the change desperately, voice it out, and they are ‘taken care of'(if you know what I mean). The good thing here is;this …

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Accessorize(Frisk yourself)

I look around and all i see points to one particular time and that is CHRISTMAS SEASON. Yes,Christmas is graduallyapproaching and lots of things need to be put down;even the clothes we wear.We have to fit into the season and the fact that harmattan and/or winter will be on us.With all these desires,one will think it difficult …

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