Thinking through my fingers


“There is melancholy in the wind
and sorrow on the glass”
I went berzerks
Just by reminiscing
On past evils done to me.
This rage I feel
Can take away
The virginity of
Seven ‘unholy’
gods like a
Chewing-stick from
the mouth of a
grumpy oldman.

I had sworn to
replace my heart
With stones,to
Seal the house of
tender tones where
butterflies lived in the stomach
and never born with wings:the
Sadness that stings.The road
You’ve gotten was the road forgotten,
Yes forgotten by the heartbreaker who once mocked my maker.
That I had to build giant
walls around my heart but you’ve
Broken these walls and walked your way into my heart;don’t ask
Me for the key to my heart,for the
door is widely opened:you’re in!
But I only ask that you
Manage my love.

Through a brillant mind,read gratuituously!!


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