Thinking through my fingers

ENDANGERED SPECIES(survival of the fittest)

“Species whose members are so small that the species is at risk of extinction”…..Endangered species
Looking at myself and my blog, at times i laugh because it seems that every blogger is busy blogging entertainment,celebrity brouhahas and what what and I am busy blogging ‘motivation’ (or whatever it is that I really blog) and it really doesn’t sell or rather isn’t a way to become the big shakers of the ‘blog world’. But still,I’ll have to do what I do with the hope of growing big (because hope is really all I have;oooh and GOD..).

In a world where virginity is not a common commodity because nobody wants to buy so they won’t be referred to as brash and crude or even people thinking them to be at the back of civilization. With this kind of orientation,what is left for the few virgins left in the world?(I believe there are not much virgins now in the world…smh),what have our young boys and girls to learn from a declining morally stable society?how would they want to change the running trend to maintain a status quo set by the ‘good book’ without the fear or reality of facing ‘social rejection’ or personal insecurity and timidity as a result of ‘bad-mouthedness’ from peers and increasing pressure from the media and society at large huh? How do virgins know to keep their virginity without fear or favour,knowing that it is the right thing to do? If these questions are answered,you’ll get to understand why a virgin in this modern dispensation is an ‘Endangered specie’.

With an educational system where students only write exams to get jobs after graduation without any real interest in what they are studying,or the fact that most parents push their children to so called ‘professional courses’ and mislead them causing them more harm than good.Even an educational system that has got many parents that really haven’t got money to send their children to school without struggling or begging for the money to wonder what the need is when they’re not sure their children will get good jobs or even any job at all after graduating from universities.Hence,they wonder how the ones labelled illiterates are getting the millions and the literate graduates are only marely surviving.
A system of education where intelligence is only judged by an exam where one student is better than others in a course and so others are labelled ‘dull’,a system where certificates are preferred to the intelligence or talent of the graduate which then forces students to go to any length to get that good certificate without nothing in their heads and then marely graduate as what I call ‘fine-tuned illiterates’ or ‘intelligent dodo(s)’ with nothing to show for it. With a government, capitalists and entrepreneurs(owners of big schools) that say they want educated kids,then why increase tuition fee every year? Knowing that 75% of this country are known to live below the normal standard of living and could not possibly pay for those sums of money you tag ‘tuition fees’. In an educational system where every year,millions graduate from universities only to come face the harsh reality that there isn’t job waiting for them even with a beautiful certificate.And it’s getting so bad that it is believed that running a masters programme abroad is a sure way of securing a good job,but with a PH.D holder applying for a job at Dangote for truck drivers opportunity,I believe that is immaterial. So what do we do then,go to school and remain jobless? Or not go to school so we can hustle for money from early ages? Or continue to find that ‘X’ which probably our fore fathers haven’t found yet? Or sit back and pray that things will get better?(For how long) or still venture into businesses after graduation and become entrepreneurs? but how many graduates want to be owners and how many ideas are out there to bank on? or will everyone be an owner? NO! Some will have to work for others and some will become owners. So do we then say that education is not necessary? Or that the medium of accessing or judging students(exams) has now given schools the right to have an audacity on the future of a young man or woman;meaning that when your certificate is not beautiful,then you’re a failure? Doesn’t this show that with an educational system like this in a big country like ours,graduates are ‘Endangered species’?

In a country where the gap between the rich and the poor is not being bridged but widened and the government doesn’t give a care about anything but themselves,what shall the poor masses do? When poverty becomes the common place amidst wealth because only a small percentage of people are really getting and enjoying the wealth even though everyone is aware of the wealth.Isn’t it right to say that the poor masses are ‘Endangered species’? Are we to continue praying for a government that doesn’t really care? Or become a people that will do anything to survive inorder to make ends meet? What dilemma do we pray to befall us? Only God can indict!

Through a brillant mind,read gratuituously!!


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