Thinking through my fingers

WHAT IF (the million little events)

‘What if’? What sort of post is this any way?. It’s actually not the ‘what’, it’s the ‘if’. I love to walk around and say “if”. “If” is a really powerful two letter word. It’s like staying open by not getting involved in the relationships that do not fit you 100% on emotional issues. You can walk around and “if” all day long. When you’re not with somebody that you don’t belong with, you can go around and meet everybody you’re supposed to meet. Because any day, a ‘what if’ can happen to you. The problem is most of us are so caught up with either someone else or a bunch of crap. What if you let go of that date that didn’t work and just walked around and had a wonderful time and met somebody really cool? Stop thinking about the past. Stop being in relationships that don’t work, and start being open every day. Maybe now you understand a little as why i named this post – WHAT IF. Stay Positive as our past makes us stronger not bitter!
I would like to not venture into anything new because of the fact that it might be a fraud or that i would loose but that inquisitive part of you wants to know how this ‘what if’ turns out and that’s why we go into risky businesses with only the hope of succeeding(probably a praying partner too)with our fingers crossed and ‘if’ away. I imagine sometimes that people are poor because they didn’t just try this ‘recipe’ in spicing up the little opportunities that came their way. Think of it,without this we would not believe sex could bring forth someone else like us(but the experimentation paid off).

All i think of is how boring life would be if we didn’t all try some ‘what ifs’ out. I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist but I would advise you seek ‘help’ if you lack ‘what ifs’ in your life.

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