Thinking through my fingers

Christmas day (what is really the reason for the season?)

“Unto us a child is borne,unto us a child is given” the real reason for the season is christ. I just there was a need for me to show us the need to celebrate CHRISTMAS in the right veil. A little fact:
The church didn’t know exactly what day Jesus Christ was born and so settled for 25th december and so it was called CHRISTMAS( mass of christ;obviously). But today,what do we see? People;no let me be more specific..people who seemingly are called christians forget the original reason and instead celebrate Santa clause and perform all manner of atrocity. What beats my mind,is the fact that the muslims are more direct and disciplined than the christains when it comes to the festive periods. Why? Because they know the ‘purpose’, little wonder why someone said “when purpose is not known,abuse is inevitable” that is what Christains are suffering from…Ignorance of the importance of christmas (‘Ignoramus Rampagius’).
I want us to know the reason for the season and set out mind right; is christmas celebration of Jesus Christ or Santa Clause (I’ve made it known that Christ is the reason) Please know the purpose.

Mare addition to the season not the reason

Mare addition to the season not the reason


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