Thinking through my fingers

‘SPOILS OF THE OFFICE’ (“ojukokoro”)

Humans occupy certain offices or post to enable them carryout certain responsiblities as required by the society. this is a ‘FACT’ post and it will amaze you how people diregard their responsibilities in pursuit of personal aggrandizement through embezzlemennt of public funds,nepotism,undermining the law e.t.c. This is the actual reason i’m writing this post because we have suffered more harm than good from our leaders all in the name of the subject matter——-‘spoils of the office'(purpored as the case maybet).

It is important i say this, that the phenomenon ‘spoils of the office’ is not a concocted thing or a conspiracy theory made up to suit the illegallities of the ‘office world’ so to speak but rather it is what comes to a person as a benefit for holding a particular post or handling an office that supposedly carries out a responsibility that is intended to benefit someone(being the people in this case). Never the less,this is overly misused in this country as our leaders have crossed the boundries and this can now be seen as greed(in our colloqual language as ‘ojokokoro’),it’s quite unfortunate. I’m going to make a short list of these miscripancies in this fastly degrading country of ours:



This is the highest office in most countries and the purpose of the office is to make the lives of it’s people good plus bring about plans to develop the country;infrastructurally,economically,culturally,educationally e.t.c. With all these responsiblities on your shoulder,it is only normal to have certain preferential treaments for all the works inorder to make it a good feat for you.But suffice it to say,many of those in this office arguably don’t know the where-with,or know-how of this office in the first place and so when they get there,they see it as an avenue to enrich themselves and empower their family as if the country is their father’s personal business.Some even go as far as killing people just so they can remain in the office for a very long time inorder to amass enough wealth to cover their tenth generation even to the fiftieth generation if possible at the detriment of the people and the country to whom they’ve been called to serve(as leadership is a call to serve). The purported ‘spoils of the office’ for this particular office(i.e, the alibi)are:


There are allowances accrued to this office like the warddrobe allowances,travelling allowances,domestic allowances,feeding e.t.c. Under these alibis,the president shifts away billions of dollars to foriegn bank accounts.There isn’t really any proof of this but not too long ago,it was made know that our president budgets about #1 billion naira for just feeding every year(does he feed on diamonds every morning?)imagine such nonsense,for every seating in a meating about #30 million naira or thereabout is paid to the president and the national assemblies(nowonder they kill to get there),to make a little travel;an entourage of morethan 40 is used(is that necessary?)thereby telling heavyly on the country’s account and standard of living of the masses. This is even more maddening because they don’t even do anything while in the office,they just convert public properties to their personal property.Nowonder Gen. Obasanjo converted the farm used formerly as a means to carryout the project ‘operation feed the nation’ to his own personal farm(if you ask him,he would say he bought it! how possible is that with a salary around the zone of #2 million or thereabout or how right does it sound.) I think the main problem here is the people who opt for these offices do not really have the country at heart before going into the office.  


Not every office is ‘election bound’,some are appointments by the president and this is where the other misfit is orchestrated. In appointing officers,they look for their family members(both extended families and those who call them relative) and place them thereby occluding the right people for the post making themselves’ untounchable’ since no one will question their actions. This is uncalled for and totally wrong,must we die in silence?


This set of leaders are very important to the family and country at large because they are the hands that rock the cradle.But that is nolonger the case as they now sought for money and quackey and forgery are now the call of the day. Teachers now extort students for no just cause and at times give a name to a useless things and force them to pay(like in the case of the yearly accredition fee being paid at Nnamdi azikiwe universty,Awka.Imagine such inhumanity!).It came as a surprise to me when the vice-chancellor of Nnamdi azikiwe university was apprehended by the EFCC and it was discovered he has siphoned over #2 billion naira in just 2 years(what a feat for a VC,who can beat that!?)lecturers now making money out of students (sorting as it is known),where does this leave us? most especially the future of this country when what  all the universities produce are ‘intelligent dummies’——–which way forward now?(hypotheticall speaking though)


It is rather unfortunate that the love for money and pleasure has consumed the mind of our clergymen that they forget their purpose whilst pursuing other things endlessly. It is no news how churches are being opened on a daily bases and how members are being tasked to pay all in the name of God(money makers) and the rate at which lesbianism and homo sexualism has increased in the church. You see a reverend father sleeping with a nun because they stay in the coventry and act as if they really pray to God,or a pastor asking a lady to sleep with him to cleanse herself since he is holy ans she is not. All this nonsense has permeated out religious zone because of lack of focus and misuse of the purported ‘spoils of the office’.

I would want to make more claims on this because the claims are inexhaustible as we can also see in markets,businesses e.t.c. What i meant to drive home through this post is the need for us to see the need to oppose injustice done to us by our leaders(equity in inequity theory by Stacy Adams)and to bring us to the knowledge of this injustice(caveat emptor). I can not overly state the proper ‘spoils of the office’ as i am not an activist (yet) or a politician but a blogger who finds interesting truths to share with people without fear of favour. As you read this post,do leave a reply and wait my next post;it might surprise you what you’ll have to read. THANK YOU


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