Thinking through my fingers

The greatest secret( the eminent happenstance)

A happy good day to you  and thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am writing  on something totally different from my usual style of writing and it is not to sell religion or anything like  that but to instill a  certain consciousness into our minds toward an inevitable happenstance; THE RAPTURE!

Needless to say,my  writing on this subject matter tells you  that i’m a christian  and without doubt a proud one. But one thing that has become an illusion to many of us in the christian faith  is the certainty of the second coming of Jesus christ. I  understand the plight of many of us,ranging from the fact that this second coming has been preached for over decades and nothing seems to be happening and this seems disheartening for most of us. But i think it’s demeaning as a christian who believes and profess Christ as your personal lord and saviour to have any iota of doubt in your mind about his second coming.If you have,i think you should have a rethink because  this second coming is unto us;even sooner than we know it.

Being a merciful God that he is,Our father;the almighty himself gave dreams and revelations to men and women like us so they teach us the right things as dictated by the most high himself. Read this testimony by Rodolfo Henandez–    http://christiscoming777.wordpress./2012/07/25/testimony-of-heaven-hell-the-condition-of-todays-church-by-rodolfo-acevedo/ Even i had a dream about rapture which warranted my writing this post in the first place and i really had no choice but to share this with all of you. I hope when we read this post,we will have a rethink about everything going on in our life and turn a new leaf so as to make this heaven we talk and preach about. The second coming of christ is here with us,wisen up!!!


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  1. Its indeed true,d coming of our saviour due hv bn preachd 4 lng bt its here.lets hv dat in mind 2wards evryth we do.let mek ourselves ready 4 D TYM IS HERE,NOW


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