Thinking through my fingers

‘He that thinks he stands’ (why does he ‘fall’?)

I know you all would be wondering to yourselves what sought of post is this?and who is this blogger and what are his motives? Well you’re not far from an answer because there’s always a reason for all of us to smile whenever we read this blog,and you know what they say–“be yourself;everyone else is taken”.If I can’t be myself on my blog where else can I be myself?(This rhetoric question was actually meant to answer your earlier questions—you see)
After weeks of thinking (mind-research in my vocabulary)and researches,all I could get was this—-‘he that thinks he stands’ and normacy is not a good virtue especially in a world like ours. I bet you’ll find another thing that will bring you back to this blog to read some more posts from me and as you do,leave a reply.
Back to the subject matter,I observed that people who usually are ‘up’ there tend to have a storyline that reads–‘the rise and fall of mr/mrs X’ and I asked myself why? Then stuffs went through my mind:
**could it be he didn’t plan well enough?
**could it be he heard adversaries?
**could it be it was his fate to fall?
Then I thought more deeply to myself and made researches to this effect and made some concrete discoveries that ‘touches’.My researches were based on the internet and several books including the bible and that is where this title came from in the first place.
In the bible (1 corinthians 10 : 12,KJV) it says:”wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall” Bringing this to real issues you’ll see it is not far from the obvious truth and even a saying goes that “pride goes before a fall” which from all ramification is concurring to the subject matter. I will use some examples to buttress my point;
Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos state was so loved by Lagosians after his inception as governor of the state. Why? It was because of his productivity and modern approach in carrying out projects. But it was not to be for long(the ‘falling’ part,though you mustn’t be loved by everyone or else you’re a sycophant)because Lagosian now loathe him because of some bad decisions he took in sensitive matters(why sack 700 health workers because they joined a nationwide strike)that was where it all went sour because he thought he ‘stood’ and so made the decision and stamped it that he wasn’t joking by employing a new set of health workers.
Another example is our great leader,President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who made the popular speech–“I had no shoes;I walked to school bare footed”.Nigerians perceived him as the ‘saviour’ of this degrading country and that alone gave him an edge over the other candidates in the presidential election and he won with a great margin too because people happily came out to vote for him with their all(he had about 22,495,197 votes).After all this what did they get?(Answer it yourselves).Series of unthinkable and callous decisions by this humble,soft spoken president of ours brought him to the mercy of the people(because he toiled with their trust for him thinking he ‘stood’)and now I stand corrected,President Goodluck Jonathan is no longer loved as he was ab initio and to make matters worst,he doesn’t give a care even. Now that is what haPpens when you feel you’re indispensable,I would have loved to give more examples but this is all I’ll give because the examples are countless.
# If you don’t settle down to learn what you don’t know,you’re bound to ‘fall’
# If you always want to be noticed(always want to show what you’ve got something at all times),then you’re in for a big ‘fall’
# If you don’t want to accept the fact facing you so you can change it,then you’ll be living a lie and I bet you a ‘fall’ is inevitable.
# Finally,if you’re too gullible(always ready to believe everything and anything without reasoning it out)then you’ll always be faced with a very big ‘fall’.

LAST WORDS(Advice galore)
Don’t ever get envious of someone because it will always victimise you and you’ll have no other option than to ‘fall’ and pay obeisaince to the person you envy. Just be you,every other person is taken.
Wait my next post and get a better and encrypted knowledge–thebluecodes.

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