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WHO REALLY ‘RUNS THE WORLD’ (Battle of the sexes)

This subject matter has been long overdue and i just want to throw it here so you too can wonder and convince yourself who you think really ‘runs the world’ (Though it is crystal clear who does but both species of our kind{humans} do not completely agree). So i would like to start by quoting something someone said so this post can get a little direction already.

    My persuasion can build a nation

endless power,with our love we can devour
you’ll do anything for me.

I believe we all know who i just quoted and if you’re wise you’ll notice that those words were ominous and daring too(she knows who really runs the world—–if you haven’t gotten the idea of who i quoted by now then i guess you will when you ‘DOOGLE’ it;lolz{don’t mind my laughter}) 

I remember when i was working during the long vacation in freshman year,an argument was put forth by a lady and she said;”everything men do is for the women,they don’t really perform for themselves”.This stirred up argument from everybody and everyone wanted to say something to that note—-to the extent it escalated that you would think an earthquake was due for or the oil tanks of the tank farm were going to burst as a result of the argument. I actually thought to myself then that she was actually right but then again whatever you do to Dionne,you must do to Daniella and so i saw it was also the case for women.

 Remember i said ab initio that i needed to quote something to give this post it’s direction,now i am going to decipher that quote,word by word,line by line and sentence by sentence so you all will actually know where i’m heading to. LET’S GO,the first sentence in the quote is;


‘Persuasion’ as a word is tantamount to the word ‘convince’ which is tantamount to the word ‘plead’. From this statement above,i can re-write the sentence above as; “MY PLEADING CAN BUILD A NATION”. For there to be a pleading,there must be an entity you’re pleading with and make no mistake about it,that entity has got an advantage over you and that is why you are pleading in the first place because if the entity refuses your plight;your voice goes into ‘nothingness’.The person pleading according to the person that said this is a particular specie of the human kind and the entity she is pleading with is the other specie of the human kind too.(Since there are basically two specie of human kind)it is just like a people begging their king for a favour with the believe that he will accent to their plight——i guess you get the big idea now(i didn’t say anything—it’s you and you mind now;use your tongue to count your teeth.)

The second sentence of the quote says:


Now the specie saying this knows the capability of love and how they can use it as a weapon to get their goals.Therefore she went on to acknowledge the endless power the love they share possess and how this particular specie can use it against the other specie if ofcourse it fails to give in to their request.

The third sentence there says:


They know the other specie has got a choice not to accent to their plight but because of the ‘supposed’ ‘endless power’,they’ve got to do anything for her and so in that stead,this specie thinks they actually ‘run the world’.Hmmm

RETRO—–(Recalling an event)—–Scientific perspective

I remember in a seminar i attended once somewhere(you might not know where though—so don’t bother)they were trying to show the differences between the two sexes and yet their dependency on each other. they said psychologically(can’t really recall,it’s been like eight years now)women had the structure of men and that is why they can stand tougher times than would a man but they lack strength,stability and coordination.Where as on the other hand,the men have got the structure of women psychologically and that is why they don’t usually withstand tough times though they’ve got the strength,stability and coordination. So they said in essence that the both sexes has got a need for each other and  cannot exist completely alone without an impending danger. So you be the judge of this and convince yourself because i cannot overly state why the both sexes has need of themselves.

Biblical Perspective(The Authority stand-point)

In the bible,God specifically made man the head—(even created him first and asked him if he needed ‘HELP’ and he said yes)Authority is seen as power in action–(i.e,the responsibility of power)and God placed man in the place of authority and as mentioned,women came to assist in that responsibility and not to  take over the responsibility.That was the original intent of God creating them and they can’t function outside what they were made for just as a manufacturer produces a particular product for a particular purpose and also produces attachments for other gadgets so as to help the main product.


The long and short of this post is that “you are what you are”(no offence intended)But i think who ‘RUNS THE WORLD’ depend on the people that will be ‘RUNNED’ and their mindset about their leader.That is why we have;

The Patriacal government(men predominantly rule here)

The Matriacal government(women predominantly rule here)and

The Eganitarian government(both sexes are ruling)

So you see,choice has a part to play here though men are the ones physically ruling the world(predominantly though)and the women play thier part by being supportive in any way possible.

I painstakingly did this because i believe many people have this  question in their mind and when they see this  perhaps,it will help answer their many questions{i hope}


       THIS POST IS POLITICALLY CORRECT(i.e,PC) and was never intended to stirrup any sort of marginalisation;i just wrote this for curiousity sake and to try and clear something up. Wait my next post very soon but for the meantime enjoy yourselves.Remember to leave a reply after you’ve finished reading this——THANK YOU.




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