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STORIES THAT TOUCHES (the heart)———–{ PART 1}


    Goodday,it is funny that i am writing on this but i consider it a ‘freestyle-writeup’ and hope it will be worth the stress and time i put into it.

This post is about happenings and their happenstance especially when it is experiencial for a particular individual which might result to them being joyful afterwards or sorrowful as the case may be.I have a few list of ‘stories that touches the heart’ for this part,of which some have terrible ends and others are funny to the extent you might forget who gave birth to you—-lol (i don’t think that is even possible save for a ‘brainwash’)

Story 1:

THE DIVA EVASIVE MOVES(Truthfully lying though)

There’s this feeling of freedom you get in your freshman year in the university and this pushes you to check new stuffs out(that could be dangerous).Casey’s story was not different from the norm as she got admitted and immediately got a boyfriend in the sophomore year and enjoyed everyday as it came(one thing was certain,her boyfriend Humphrey was always insecured because Casey was a very pretty girl and he thought she lied to him about almost everything).One faithful day,Humphrey was in the front of their hostel and a white Hilux pick-up just drove in at about 8pm in the evening with two big dudes in it(at first he didn’t see the intimidation in it)then came his sweet Casey and there she was laughing and smoothly boarded the Hilux and off they go.Humphrey was with some of his friends as tears rolled down his eyes and his friends gave him a laugh that can give a ‘joker’ a run for his money and so he decided to call her as those men might just be her brothers or relative as the case may be;he thought to himself.See the convo tread:—-(phone rings——she picks hurriedly)

Humphrey: hello babes,where you at?

Casey: i’m in my room,got a quiz tomorrow and i’m killing it here.

Humphrey:seriously,haaah–i’m coming over then coz i’ve got quiz too tomorrow.

Casey: no,don’t bother i’m with my friends reading;don’t want to bother you sweets–

Humphrey:don’t worry i don’t mind the bother-

Casey: i’m actually at her place that’s what i mean by don’t bother huh

Humphrey:i’m close to her place you know my sister lives close to her.So i’ll just check in and see you

Casey: we’ve left there, we’ve gone to the reading place

Humphrey: where’s the reading place for crying out loud?

Casey:gosh H,you’re starting to get on my last nerve

Humphrey: you think i’m getting on your nerve now? you whore!!!!!!

Casey: whaaaaat! what—wha–wh,can’t hear you clearly(hangs up)

            (buzzes her back and she picks with a new tone)

Casey:hey swids—-(Humphrey cuts her off)

Humphrey: listen you nymphomaniac,i hope you don’t get diseases there and pass them to me?

Casey: you fool!!,how could you think that i will come so low to date a petite,mom-para like you when you’ve really got nothing to offer than tales of your future and books;you think i give a care—fuck you. FYI,i am somewhere(Hollywood club)with some real men doing what is meant for matured people not children and if you still want a girl to tell tales of ‘book-dom’ to;then i fink your physics lecturer will do.Now get off my line and stay there FOOL!!(she laughs and hangs up)——–VERY MEAN!!

Story 2:

I SHOULD HAVE RESTED MY CASE (Forcing your own death)

John is a 55yr old widower who has been forcefully retired from his ‘errand-boy’ job(i.e he drops off mails at people’s home). John having nothing to do and no one to talk to since he’s got no child decided to make the new ‘errand-boy’ look bad at his job. He would follow the new ‘errand-boy’ around(without him knowing)and any mail or item he drops off,he steals it.But this was not to be so for long as karma’s restaurant doesn’t serve you what you want, rather it serves you what you deserve and John was about to get what he deserves as he had made the new ‘errand-boy’s life miserable unbeknown to him.

       A certain judge was on a case and had sentenced a particular man to 20yrs in jail and he made some enemies automatically.The errand-boy came to drop off an item at the judge’s door post and John as usual did his normal work—steal it.(Now this was actually sent by the judge’s new found enemies)John opened it up in his car and the stuff they packed in it released and John inhaled it(the stuff i believe was toxic because i can’t give the ‘gibberic’ name they called it)and it got to his brains.Before three days,John was singing Halleluyah to hell———THERE,JUSTICE SERVED!!

Story 3:

THE TRUE PHILANTROPIST(Enigmatic feat by his students)

It is normal in high schools to have a student that leads all of them(in my country it’s called the SENIOR PREFECT)He is to lead the students socially,academically and otherwise.There is a particular exam that is undertaken by a particular class in high schools(junior WAEC)and his students were so unserious that the best student before the external exam couldn’t average up to 55% and that was very poor.The SP(senior prefect)did what was honourable and was rightly his responsibility—-he went to urge,advise,motivate,tell and even bargain with the students just to ensure there wasn’t a massive failure.He got there and after motivating them said and i quote “if anyone of you can just make 7As in this exam and i mean with all my life,he or she should come and show me the result and i’ll give them #2,500(in his mind,no one can achieve that in this crop of students with just 12 subjects to write in the exam;it wasn’t just possible)The students thought to themselves that the SP thinks them stupid so they planned and arranged for help in the exam hall so they would surprise him and indeed they deed.

The result came out and to the amazement of the SP,fifteen(15) students made 7As from the exam and that made the money he’s to give out amount to about #40,000.He thought to himself as he gave the money that atleast he got their attention by his money and made them read unbeknown to him they actually planned it to get to his ‘intelligent ass’ as they called him—–CALLOUS SURBORDINATES

Thesis statement/Topic sentence:

Go get your stories carefully with eyes wide open.


The theme of this post is peculiar to you because you have to make it worth a wile to you( i believe you were not actually expecting me to give you a theme hmmm)


No matter the stories you want to tell,no matter how touching they might be or how good you want them to be,what stands is that they’re peculiar to you and you don’t have to be in a hurry to tell it;unless ofcourse you want to(or have to)–then do!

From Me:

I love telling stories but when it is ‘shady’,i avoid it so i don’t tell stories that touches the heart on a negative level—that is.——–WATCHOUT FOR A MORE INTERESTING ‘STORIES THAT TOUCHES’—{Part 2}



                  THANK YOU AND DO LEAVE A REPLY.



  1. Gift Iyke

    honestly, am falling in love with you through your heart touching inspirin stories. Thanks a great deal


    • you’re welcome dear and i wish to write more post that will excite you. Thank you


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