Thinking through my fingers

THE BRAINCHILD (birth your own ideas–methodology doesn’t matter)

 I remember back in high school how we were always asked to think of something new every night before we sleep so as we sleep,our minds would ponder on them and possibly bring them to reality. Back then i was a ‘Believer’ in such things because i read books so well then that you could practically see ideas coming out of me and i was so spurred on by this technique devised by one of my teachers then because i thought it encouraged what i already knew but didn’t know how to express as a young lad which i was.But then it all started paying off as i represented my school in competitions and held high post in school then and the rest is history.


 Brainchild has been defined as

# as the product of your creative thinking and work.

# as something invented.

# as an original plan or idea attributed to a person or a group.

Now,this gives you the big idea about what the subject matter really is about because i know some of you did not actually get what a ‘brainchild’ really is but it’s alright learning is a continous thing. God,did not create everything himself which he could have easily done but he deemed it necessary to allow us complete the feat and uncover the great mystery of the human mind even as it can not be overly stated what a human mind can accomplish. It is worthy of not that there are always good and bad in everything in life and so there are some evil brainchild. Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, Osama Bin Laden, Boko Haram sect are some of the evil geniuses(negative brainchild builders)the world has seen(and still seeing in the case of the boko haram sect case in Nigeria). There are also positive brainchild builders that the world has felt the touch of their God given minds.Some of which include——–

#–Dr Philip Emeagwali.

Also known as ‘the father of internet’,Dr philip was born in Nigeria in 1954 and he dropped out of school because of the civil war at that time.He was home-schooled by his father and since he believed his intellect was the way out of the fire,he studied hard. Philip’s father would give him 100 math problems to solve in an hour,now because each question would take about 36 seconds to solve,he virtually solved all the questions in his head. He received a scholarship to Oregon state university when he was 17 there he obtained a Bs in mathematics.

His resume speaks for him as he is one of the famous african-american inventors of the 20th century. His ‘brainchildren’ include;

** Invented the world’s fastest computer using 65,000 processors in 1989.It performs computation at 3.1 billion calculation per second.(he got this brainchild from his study of bees and their efficiency with the way they construct and work with honeycomb)

** He suggested ways of making oil fields more productive resulting in the United states saving hundreds of millions of dollars.He had other feats he accomplished but these ones are the ones worthy of note in my blog.

#-Mark Zuckerberg.

This is a ‘young genius’ that harnessed his brainchild and made it a tangible reality.Mark was a student of Harvard university and at first his brainchild(Facebook) was just for harvard students but by the time he dropped out of the school,he broadened his horizon and today is the youngest billionaire in the world because of a single brainchild he birthed.

#-President Barack Obama.

Needless to say,this is the most powerful man in the world and he is black and the president of the United states of America(A feat which seemed most impossible).As a child,Barack Obama had always had dreams and it gave him a brainchild–the presidential seat in white house USA where he became the very first blackman to mount the  podium thereby fulfilling the words of Martin Luther king junior. He even went further to surprise the world by capturing and killing America’s long enemy and terrorist who terrorised America and the world at large in the person of Osama bin laden.


  Now,the names above are just but to mention but a few because if i should go on, the list is endless. I want to point out that everyone has got to find his or her own brainchild and birth it.There are not those born to do so and so everyone can find theirs.I think what is necessary here is to find what makes you happy,your purpose and then you can get a glimpse of you brainchild and possibly make it a reality if you work harder. Even Dr Philip Emeagwali said  it that no one is exceptional unless he works towards exceptionality,So get busy and accomplish somethinng today.

Remember,methodology is no barrier to you what matters is that the reality of your brainchild becomes tangible. 

                                                                            Confidence.A. Ago asserts.

I hope i passed a message accross to you,work on your mind and see mindblowing things happen to you and get your brainchild birthed!! Use your brains they were meant to be used not left to waste.




  1. ify

    Boss…these ‘re good words….#pondering#


  2. Frank Dimagu

    Quite educatin,mind blowing n intriguing…kip it up


  3. Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

    It’s nice and inspiring. I hope your readers get the true picture of what you want them to see.


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