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TOP 10 SECRET SOCIETIES IN THE WORLD(the conspiracy theory)

 It’s funny why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.Well it is a law and it oversees the affairs of this world. The conspiracy theory is all about the ways of these secret societies and their desire to continually rule the world and it’s resources;that’s why you see onlly those you’ve know to be rich getting even richer while the pooe are making no head way even though they might be hard working. I researched to get this knowledge and i think i should let you in on this.They even have power in politics thereby running the affairs of the country

 Even in my country,it is very common to see most of the rich men belonging to secret societies and operating and directing the economy thereby ‘occluding’ the rest(the poor) from a fair share of the economy. I don’t want to get into the spiritual aspect of it all because that is not my bane now.



       The real kingmakers in classic sense! Read this article, discover the 10 most mystical and influential societies in the world comprising the self-styled patriots with elevated destinations.

10. The Thule Society:

Founded by Rudolf von Sebottendorf on August 18, 1918, the Thule Society is well known for sponsoring the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), which later turned into the Nazi Party. Committed to the betterment of Germany, this society was strictly against the communist mainstream. Governed by scholars and intellectuals, this society had a great companionship with Adolf Hitler, the “fair haired boy”.


9. The Fenian Brotherhood:

This Irish organization was was founded by Michael Doheny and John O’Mahony in 1858 in the United States to overthrow the British rule in Ireland. Combination of Irish and American revolutionaries, this secret society was named after the term “Fianna”, which was an eminent band of Irish warriors. Their propaganda of “Social Justice” was very popular in North-east and Mid-west.


8. The Club of Rome:

This secret society is an international think tank which was founded by Aurelio Peccei (an Italian businessman) and Alexander Christakis (Scottish scientists) in April 1968. Apart from other secret societies, The Club of Rome focuses on crucial global concerns such as economy, education, environment, poverty, resource consumption, cultural diversity etc. This society grabbed the international attention after publishing its report, “Limits to Growth” in 1972.


7. The Bilderberg Group:

An unofficial but very confidential society consisting influential members form various fields such as defense, education, politics, business, media and administration. This group was conceptualized to tackle anti-American activities in Western Europe. Due to its total secret policies, the Bilderberg Group is often charged with political conspiracies.


6. Knight of Columbus:

Founded in Connecticut in 1882 by an Irish-American Catholic Priest, The Venerable Father Michael J. McGivny, the Knights and Columbus is the largest Catholic fraternal service organization in the world. A multi-billion dollar non-profit charitable organization, this secret society is devoted to the rules of Unity, Charity, Patriotism and Fraternity.


5. The Illuminati:

The Shadow Government! This society was initiated on May 1, 1776, by professor Adam   Weishaupt of University of Ingolstadt. According to Conspiracy theories, lot of prominent  people were attached with this secret society or still working for it. The notable followers of the Illuminati are – David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Bush family, Barack Obama and Winston Churchill. They are also considered as the originator behind the phenomenon of New World Order.


4. The Knight Templar:

Also known as The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, this secret society was certified by the Roman Catholic Church in 1129. The Bible is considered as the base of Templars and they are said to be the devotee of Sophia,  Goddess of Truth and Wisdom. It is claimed that large number of building projects were financed by this society  across the Europe and also started the concept of safe deposit and banking activities.



3. Freemasons:

This “society with secret” is considered as the true descendant of The Knight Templar which follows the propaganda of moral uprightness and fraternal friendship. This philanthropic society worked for the betterment of common people and rejected a specific religion or creed. Throughout history, Freemasons has been criticized for secretly controlling the world politics.


2. Skull and Bones:

Founded at Yale University in 1832 by William H. Russell, this college secret society is considered as the mastermind of some major cases such as the concept of nuclear bomb and the assassination of J.F. Kennedy.  Symbol of imagination, intelligence and speculation, Skull and Bones is different from other societies on several points.


1. Sons of Liberty:

Founded in 1765 by a group of local artisans and shopkeepers in Boston, this radical group contradicted the Stamp Act and other parliamentary revenue programmes of the United States. Covered with secrecy, this patriotic society had played a significant role in the American Independence from United Kingdom.

  This is no joke,they actually exist and to us they seem like a mirage but before you doubt this blog,take a second to pause and think why only those you’ve known since you were born are still those holding the reils of power and money. Till next time,i remain you only ‘DUDE’—-lol




  1. desmond

    ( can this profound joy and laughter seize from my mouth?My brothers and

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    priest asked me if i will like to get on my feet back as of old.I was

    confused about the question and i said if only i have my way.Three days

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    asked he went to the back of the alter and brought out some feathers and

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    secrecy with him that i never saw anything,you need to come and see me i

    almost got fainted cause i can’t believe a popular priest having anything

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  2. Adeyeye Adesoji Adewale

    I want to join now but don’t know the process


  3. Joe

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  4. Joe

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  5. Victor Silvanus Lee

    I am interested of being a member of the illuminati but how can I become? please help me soon.



    I like to join i really money to take care of my family

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  7. jude

    connect my number if is real to join 08184771384


  8. Dean

    I’ll like to become a member of a society who can make me to get intercontinental connection and do not forgive an offenders.

    A society who can help me in revenge and vengeance of a person who bullied me and help me recuperate and get back my belongings.


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    • Abraham Dorley

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    • uchechukwu

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      • Adeyeye Adesoji Adewale

        No comment than to be rich and famous Adeyeye Adesoji Adewale


  12. Wing Wraith

    I doubt the people come together to discuss the bamal topics found in the news paper.


  13. lilith

    here’s a list that I wanna share with you, a list of 13 societies and foundations which follow satanic aims of illuminati:

    1. Lirim group
    2. Young leaders union
    3. EDMC
    4. fraternitas saturni
    5. B’nai birch group
    6. Soros Open society foundations
    7. luminous aster foundation
    8. the clinton foundation
    9. rotary foundation
    10. grado33
    11. jehova witnesses
    12. priority of sion
    13. memphis misraim order


    • S cam

      Jehovah fucked my friend his family that adopted him left him on the streets they thought he didn’t believe he did believe he nearly got me to believe his father just didn’t want to admit to his own shortfalls as a man they look after his daughter no problem why ?


  14. Daniel

    I want to be a member if u can make m rich, 2269E3F5, bb pin from nigeria


  15. Timotian

    Please brethren is there life after death?


  16. Alter of Witness

    Jesus Christ z d only indesepensable!!! Come to Him now b4 it will b too late


  17. D' Jack

    no society is secret, it all depend your distance from the said society


  18. the truth is nobody knows about secrect clubs gangs societys coz they wouldnt be secrect would they now!!!!


  19. femi k.

    I dont rilly believe


  20. femi k.

    Hi’is that anything like secret society that make’s one rich at all?


  21. boyd nelson l.

    they can only control d world 4 a while. their time will soon be up, as d trumpet is about to be blown. our LORD REIGNS, JESUS IS LORD!!!


    • Indeed! Thank God for that,because that is what we hold on to.


  22. Francis

    I would like to join one but I do not know how to go about it.


    • Mr Francis,I know you are bluffing because it’s funny. Center your mind on more positve things and you’ll be amazed. Thank you


    • wilson

      You have to pay then its going to be easy N200k to join supremost dodorima confirnternity


  23. jane

    i believe that all those secret societies are true and the illuminati still stands today. The are running this world and are going to control us all. Keep your eyes open.





  25. The knowing

    Hmmm, I don’t know about the Skull and Bones, I mean come on they have Kerry and Bush involved…they should be listed under societies of idiots. The Knights Templar is part of Freemasonary and the Illuminati are nonexistent. Think before knowing and know what you think.


  26. It’s good to know.



  1. Secret Societies Conspiracy Theory Jesse Ventura at

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