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THIS IS MY OWN VIEW OF HOW THE PROBLEM CAN BE TACKLED OR ATLEAST BROUGHT TO THE A MANAGEABLE POINT. SO READ AND DEVICE YOUR OWN METHODS BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A DOGMA—–(did i actually use that word—been longing to use on this blog{lolz})   The saying goes that “your attitude morethan your aptitude is your altitude” …

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WHO REALLY ‘RUNS THE WORLD’ (Battle of the sexes)

This subject matter has been long overdue and i just want to throw it here so you too can wonder and convince yourself who you think really ‘runs the world’ (Though it is crystal clear who does but both species of our kind{humans} do not completely agree). So i would like to start by quoting something someone …

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STORIES THAT TOUCHES (the heart)———–{ PART 1}

FACT POST     Goodday,it is funny that i am writing on this but i consider it a ‘freestyle-writeup’ and hope it will be worth the stress and time i put into it. This post is about happenings and their happenstance especially when it is experiencial for a particular individual which might result to them being …

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THE BRAINCHILD (birth your own ideas–methodology doesn’t matter)

 I remember back in high school how we were always asked to think of something new every night before we sleep so as we sleep,our minds would ponder on them and possibly bring them to reality. Back then i was a ‘Believer’ in such things because i read books so well then that you could …

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TOP 10 SECRET SOCIETIES IN THE WORLD(the conspiracy theory)

 It’s funny why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.Well it is a law and it oversees the affairs of this world. The conspiracy theory is all about the ways of these secret societies and their desire to continually rule the world and it’s resources;that’s why you see onlly those you’ve know to …

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