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MOUTH ODOUR(Halitosis)

To be frank,i don’t know how to start this write up because it’s funny i’m even writing on it.It is not spontaneous but rather i was inspired;this inspiration was so funny that i’d be callous(so to speak) not to educate us a little about the subject matter.


   Now,some of us (guys to be specific)love to start up conversation with strangers in different places and from there move on–blah blah blah! I’m not an exception in this kind of thing and i try my best to be presentable at all times so as not to be snobbed by anyone.One faithful day,i was somewhere and a young lady walked pass me(believe me;she was something else)i just went up to her and she started the diva attitude and all other stuffs like that;so i got infuriated by her lack of cooperation and wanted to leave.Just then she stopped me to enquire something from me(meanwhile i was backing her),i turned so i could  give her an audience and could you believe the “avon perfume” that came straight to my nostrils and instantly i lost hold of my environment.While i was still trying to gain balance from the excess dosage of “Denatured breath”in my nostrils she was still blasting me with more dosages without fear or favour.She was gesticulating and she was very proficient with her speaking but that wasn’t my concern at the moment and she was too dumb to discern that the look on my face has changed from one of smiles to tears.I had to stop her and because of the injury she has caused to my nostrils and the discomfort to my soul;i started telling her of her predicament.Instead of thanking me for not embarrassing her and for surmoning the courage to talk to her even with the fear of more “bullets from her,she sighed and left shamelessly(or probably shamefully)


      Now,this is for everyone not just for the ladies and not just for conversation and kissing but for your total well being and the well being of your acquaintance since it is only normal for humans to communicate;so there won’t have to be any accidents(so to speak)

Mouth Odour is that awful smell that emanates from a persons mouth due to:

*Not brushing the teeth both day and night

*Or not brushing the teeth at all

*Or not brushing the teeth regularly or constantly

*Starvation(lack of food in the stomach)

*Not letting air into the mouth

*Taking citrus fruits or juice before going out and not brushing the mouth

*finally,not brushing the tongue well.

NOTA BENE:It has been scientifically proven that brushing the teeth regularly and well reduces mouth odour to about 70-71%.

There are certain things one can do to reduce or prevent mouth odour—viz

#Learn to brush your teeth morning and night

#Brush your tongue very well(make sure the whitish substance is not there after you’ve brushed your mouth)

#Eat very well because an empty stomach causes or increases mouth dour

#brush your teeth after taking any citrus fruit or juice especially if you want to go out(e.g orange juice,lemonade e.t.c)

#You can buy Mouthwash which you gaggle and pour out and the ment in the substance helps to hold all hell from breaking loose

#Last but not the least,learn to allow air into your mouth at intervals because it reduces the odour.

NOTA BENE:The mouth contains more living organism than any other part of the human body hence the odour when not taken care of. The air you let into your mouth makes it fresh(Aerobic respiration-occurs in the presence of oxygen{air}and does not produce smell.)But when your mouth is closed throughout the day(Anaerobic respiration–occurs in the absence of oxygen therefore produces awful smell)it produces “Avon perfume”.







                                   {An initiative of Aristocrat “The solution man” for a better mouth scent for posterity}.




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