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5 Blogs To Follow This October

By Confidence Ago-arinze


Hello there…… first things first; welcome to the new month October,hope it becomes all you wish for.

Last month i started off a category ‘blogs to follow’ and it is to be a monthly post.

Sequel to that is the month of october ‘5 blogs to follow’.

Remember these posts are meant to show you the blogs/sites i think are awesome enough for you to not just read but follow; mostly because they’re good read.


These are the 5 blogs i would love you to check out in this month of October.

Jeff Bullas 

jeff bullas

I came across this blog some five/six months back and ever since then, it’s been an addiction for me. Jeff Bullas understands the technicality behind content marketing, SEO and anything about everything that it’ll take to make your online marketing a success. I think you should check it out .

Miss Techy

MissTechy Header

I also stumbled on to this blog a few months back and i was impressed with Toby Ayeni’s way of writing ‘tech’ articles. What is more intriguing is that the blog fascinates you and will make you want to come back to see more posts especially if you are from Nigeria . When you go through the blog, you’ll understand why it made my ‘blogs to follow’ this month.

Destiny Man


Personally, i call this site the ‘Forbes of africa’ . I have been a reader of Destiny Man for close to two years now and i have not seem to tire of it. You know the ratings, financial insights and Business education plus other really cool stuffs you love to read on Forbes,Times magazine etc; that’s the kind of feel you get when you’re on to Destinyman’s magazine site . Do check it out

Scary Mommy

logo Scarymommy

You know all the joy and pains of motherhood that we don’t really know of? it comes alive on this wonderful hilarious site. A friend introduced me to this site and ever since, i’m glad he did because i could read of the fears, pains and joy of being a mommy.

Every post is written with such humor that makes you want to love your mother and never want to leave the site. what’s more, it is mostly articles contributed by different mommies from every work of life.

truth is, behind all the humor and jokes in the posts on this site, the details really lies in reading the articles and understanding it. Mommies and ‘mommy-wannabes/soon-to-bes’ should check this out.

Style Vitae

fashion style

“I’m a classic man” (in Jidenna’s voice) and trust me no matter how stylish you think you are, you can never get enough tips on how to really own your style!

This fashion blog has been one of the many blogs i term ‘my guilty pleasure’ and that being said, it will be really cool if you check it out (that’s if you haven’t already) because it’s ‘kinda a big deal’.


And i hope you enjoyed it. Expect the ‘blogs to follow’ in November, God willing.

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5 Blogs To Follow Next Month

By Confidence Arinze-ago

Truth be told, if you are an avid reader, you’ll agree there is this form of confidence you have that you can not really explain. That confidence is so much that you always have something to say about anything that anyone could probably bring up as discussion because you are so well read that you’ve seen or read that particular topic somewhere or somehow (That’s being versatile)

It’s a no-brainer that i should love reading owing to the fact that i create contents that warrant good study habits hence the very educative contents you read off from this blog. What you might not know is that i have external influencers who spur me on and keep me in check through their mind blowing contents on their sites. I really go to these sites often to get one or two things that will finally inspire a content that i eventually put up here. I am so knowledgeable in most topics because i READ ALOT!

It has occurred to me that i might have been a little ‘selfish’ by not sharing my reading aids and knowledge factories. So, i have decided to let you in into my ‘Knowledge factories’ on a monthly basis. This is the reason for this post (the month of August is almost through, so this covers for the month of September). BLOGS TO FOLLOW is set to be posted once every month just for your perusal.

These are the 5 blogs you should probably follow in the month of September if you have not:


Steve pavlina

Steve Pavlina was one of my earliest influences when it comes to blogging. This site is a developmental blog site and you can guess that was where Bluecodes Blog ideology came from.

It was in reading Steve’s blog that i knew what i wanted to do with my blogging and i have not stopped reading or following this blog. Trust me, you will always want to go back to this blog if you read a post there because the ’embedded’ knowledge is out of this world. You should try checking it out one of these many days in September.

Don’t take my word for it, just log on to Steve . You can thank me later.


Quicksprout logo

Quick Sprout is another good read. It is not just the fact that the contents are wonderful but they are instructive and very educative too. Quick Sprout has been one of my latest influences and truth be told, i have more direction in my writing ever since i came across this site.

Most of the internet marketing skills, technicalities in the blogosphere; i got to learn them from this site. You will be singing Halleluyah when you’ve gone to the Quick Sprout University.



Writers in Charge as the name implies, puts you the writer in charge! This is also one of my biggest influence because i understood how to start and go about freelance writing online first from this blog before any other. i don’t joke with the emails from this blog at all.

Bamidele Onibalusi is a great writer and has a great mind too, you should check this blog out if you haven’t. In Nigeria, a populated country of over 180 million people and thousands of bloggers who blog to compete, his blog was ranked among the top 10 best blogs. The blog is always a good read and you will love to read it always.


Carol Tice

I came across this blog by being an ardent reader of writers in charge blog.  what i love most about this blog is how the founder; Carol Tice arranges thoughts to empower freelancers. The tips work for freelancers that are ready to work. I don’t joke with this site as it gives me more knowledge about my online freelance writing.

If you are serious about working freelance and probably making money off it, then Freelance Writers Den is where you should consider visiting often.



What Neil Patel does on this blog is ingenious. this blog caught my attention when almost every one i knew were all about ‘Nutrition blog’. I decided to check it out and i got stuck because it was a wonderful read. He started this blog as a test, to show and teach his readers something and trust me, it was indeed a nice teaching ‘tool’. 

Neil Patel is also the founder of  Quick Sprout and if you have gone through the blog; Quick sprout, you’ll agree with me that he’s nothing other than a genius!

I read this blog alot and what i love most is the tagline: I’m kind of a big deal. He definitely knows his onions,check it out!


This is the first set of ‘Blogs to follow’ and believe me, you would not want to miss the next one. Believe me whenever you hear me say i am an avid reader because even if i tire of reading books, i never tire of reading these blogs and many more blogs i will be sharing with you in time to come.


Check them all out!!!


Annoying Habits That  Are Unfortunately Common

By Chioma Anigbogu


Habits are integral part of our personality. That being said, it is important habits are pinpointed and if it is found to be bad, then the needful is to be done… correcting the habit.

I painstakingly studied a set of people, even the very educated ones and these bad habits were what i noticed overtime. Now I know you would want to believe that none of the things you’re about to read apply to you. I can tell you that  you are probably wrong. If you do find you’re guilty of any, do something about it.


  • Urinating in gutters or at roadsides

I believe that if you have the urge to pee and you are in a car or you are walking, that you should try to find somewhere that’s not along where people pass. Go in a little deeper to somewhere more hidden.

  • Stretching your hand over people’s food


Some of us tend to stretch their hand over other people’s food. This is really ANNOYING whether you are sitting at a dining table or in public. It’s not hygienic. If you want to reach out to some thing and you have to put your hand over someone’s food to get it , you should probably tell the person to pass it to you rather than putting your hand over someone’s food.

  • Scratching your armpits or butt in public

Bum scratching

This is most common with the guys (no offense) though ladies are not exempted. People normally scratch in public, usually when they think no one’s watching and others even when they know someone’s watching them. This is NOT COOL. This is mostly a problem with those that sweat a lot. An advice for you.. Try to wear more airy clothes, this will help you to sweat less. Some sniff their armpits. Like why would you do that? If you think that your underarms smell, it probably does and you should take your hygiene more seriously. Shave your armpit hair. Invest in a deodorant. If you know you tend to sweat a lot, take more than 2 showers a day. Guys that come back from work and go to play ball and don’t take a bath before sleeping, I’m looking at you.

  • Nose picking

picking nose

I’ve seen people pick their nose with their fingers like they’re digging for gold and then wipe these same fingers on a seat or under a table or on a wall or on their clothes. Please, if there is actually something in your nose, use a handkerchief or tissue paper to wipe it and dispose the paper properly.

  • Spitting indiscriminately

When you want to spit, spit somewhere that people don’t walk frequently, somewhere covered with sand and then cover it up with sand. Avoid spitting on roads whether they’re major roads or pathways. I know everyone is disgusted when they see spit where they were about to step. If you are in or on a vehicle (car, bike, bicycle, tricycle or even unicycle), DO NOT under any circumstances, spit while in or on said vehicle. Spit into a tissue paper if you have to and dispose it later.

  • Throwing stuff out of cars or while walking on the road or into gutters

Roadside dumps most probably started with just an empty sachet or a banana peel or a plastic bottle. Then someone else walks by and throws something else there. Then someone else, then someone else and so on. The pile continues to grow. The next thing will be people complaining about the government’s lack of interest in the affairs of the people. This coming from the mouths of the same people that litter everywhere. I wonder if they expect the state governors or maybe even the president to come and sweep the roadsides and gutters. If you have something you want to throw away, hold on to it until you get to a dustbin. I’m sure whatever it is doesn’t bite. If you are in a car, you can keep it on the car floor until you get to your destination. Even if you see a pile on the way, don’t add to it. And if you do see someone about to do that, talk them out of it and talk them into talking someone else out of it. If we continue the way we are, nothing is going to be better.

  • Not excusing yourself before taking a call

This is more than rude. If you are with someone or some people and your phone starts to ring or you want to make a call, say “excuse me” before taking the call. If you ever have to leave someone or a group for any reason, you excuse yourself too.

  • Not saying “excuse me” to someone or some people standing with the person you want to talk to

It’s not the person you want to talk to that you excuse yourself from. It’s the other person or persons with him.

  • ‘Packing’


I have no idea what the correct term for this is. But please guys, stop ‘packing’. I don’t understand what the purpose for this is but please stop holding your crotch. It’s unsightly and ungentlemanly. This has become quite common but I’m sure you have observed that men of class, men who have substance, don’t ‘pack’.

  • Coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth/nose
  • Clicking heels and noisy earrings and bangles

Females, please, abeg stop making noise especially in quiet places with your accessories.


  • Wiping and flicking sweat
  • whistling at someone to get their attention

The polite and correct thing to do is to say or shout (depending on the distance between you and the person) “excuse me” or “hey”.

  • Sniffling
  • Discussing someone with someone else in their presence as if they’re not there

Let’s just say that this is very rude. Period.

  • Struggling for food or gift items shared at events knowing you won’t finish the food or use the item
  • Belching or burping
  • Taking part of someone’s food without their consent.


Did we mention a particular bad habit you have?


LEAVE A REPLY……..                                                                                                  Bluecodes

The Man Behind The Name;Albert Einstein

By Chioma Anigbogu

He is referred to as the most intelligent man to ever walk this earth. He was thought to be dull, in fact his teacher called him the dumbest student he had ever taught. But how did he go from dumb to very intelligent?, becoming everything his teachers ever dreamed of plus more. You will definitely learn something from the story of this genius who was written off by many but ended up becoming exceptionally successful. (Confidence Arinze-ago)


 Albert Einstein was born on 14th March 1879 in Germany to Hermann and Pauline Einstein. He was thought to be retarded when he was born as he was overweight and his head had an odd shape. A year after he was born, his parents moved to Munich where his father and his uncle opened a company that built electrical equipments. He had a sister, Maja (or Maria), who was two years younger. According to him, he didn’t talk till he was three and his parents were scared he was retarded though his grandmother and sister contradict this. His mother enrolled him for violin lessons when he was quite young and throughout his life, he had an intense love for music especially Classical music. His sister said he used music frequently as a study aid. Albert was never much of a talker and he rarely mixed with children.

His interest in physics was perhaps piqued at the age of five when his father gave him a magnetic compass and he kept trying to figure out how it worked. He was homeschooled until he was seven and this helped build his tendency to isolate himself. When he started elementary school, his teachers thought him dull, dim-witted and hopeless as he wouldn’t answer questions immediately it was asked until he was quite sure of his answer. He didn’t fit in and he failed miserably. Once more, his parents were worried that he was retarded. He found that he was very talented in Math. Albert had a great and seemingly insatiable thirst for knowledge.

A medical student, Max Talmud, who became a friend of the family decided to take young Albert under his wings and gave him books on science and philosophy. He read advanced mathematics textbooks on his own. At fifteen in high school, his Greek teacher told him that he would never amount to anything and that he should stop wasting everyone’s time and leave school which he did. He had a doctor write him a sick note that he was going to break down if he wasn’t released to see his family as he was in a boarding school and his parents had moved to Milan, Italy. And so at the age of fifteen, he dropped out of high school.

His father was livid that he was a dropout and he wanted his son to be an electrical engineer. At sixteen, Albert applied to a polytechnic in Zürich, Switzerland but he didn’t do so well in the entrance examination though his maths and physics scores in the exam were superb. The principal of the polytechnic advised him to finish high school and he did just that. To get out being enlisted in the army, he denounced his German citizenship.

At seventeen, he applied again for a four-year diploma program in mathematics and physics teaching at the polytechnic. This time, he got in. He got a Swiss citizenship and it was in this school that he met and fell in love with Mileva Marić. He graduated at the age of 21 and he searched for a job for two years during which, he did a lot of menial jobs. With the help of an ex-classmate’s father, he got a job as a patent clerk and he was passed over for promotion often. His work involved electromagnetic devices. During his free time, he carried out scientific researches.

In 1902, Albert and Mileva had a baby girl named Lieserl who historians only knew about from letters between Albert and Mileva. No one knows exactly where she was or what happened to her but she’s thought to have died of scarlet fever when she was a year old. In 1903, Albert got married to Mileva and had another child, a boy this time, Hans, in 1904. In 1905 (Albert’s miracle year), he was awarded a PhD by the university of Zürich and he published four outstanding papers on the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, special relativity and the equivalence of mass and energy. In 1908, he was appointed a lecturer in the University of Bern.

In 1910 when his wife was pregnant with her third child, Albert wrote to Marie Winteler whom he had fallen in love with before he met Mileva that he still loved her and that he was unhappy. That same year, his wife gave birth to their second son, Eduard. In 1911, he became a full professor. He taught at various schools and was well known as a theoretical physicist. In 1914, he got separated from his wife and they lived apart for five years until they got officially divorced. That same year, in 1919, he got married to Elsa Löwenthal who was his first cousin on his mother’s side (his mother’s brother’s daughter) and his second cousin from his father’s side. He had been having an affair with her since 1912.

Eduard, his second son, was mentally ill and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 20. Elsa died in 1936 after 17 years of marriage as she had heart and kidney disease. During the period of his second marriage, he was rumored to have been seeing other women.

His major achievements 

  • Awarded a PhD – 1905
  • Publishing of 4 groundbreaking papers – 1905
  • Appointed lecturer – 1908
  • Appointed associate professor – 1909
  • Appointed full professor – 1911
  • Appointed director of the Kaiser Wilhelmn Institute for Physics – 1914
  • Appointed president of the German Physical society – 1916
  • Nobel prize in physics for the photoelectric effect explanation – 1921

At the later stages of his life, Albert became mentally ill. The researches and studying finally got to him. He died in 1955 at the age of 76 after refusing repeat surgery (as he had one seven years before) to correct abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture. His words: “I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly”. The pathologist who did an autopsy on him removed his brain without his family’s permission for preservation in hope that what made him so intelligent would be found. His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered.

Before his death, he wrote more than 300 scientific papers. He made significant contributions to humanity. One thing that should be noted about Albert was not his intelligence but rather his stubbornness and persistence. He could have just been an unknown high school dropout but he made something of himself. He wasn’t a privileged kid. He was thought to be retarded but he stuck to his passion until he made it. He fought to be a renowned physicist.


Albert Einstein said he has done his share. Have you done yours?


How To Teach The Girl Child Sex Education

By Bluecodes’ Editors(@bluecodes)

Staring at the little bundle of joy, her melodious laughter like music to the  ears;you still can’t get over the fact that she came from you, that she’s part of you. Those are the thoughts that runs through the head of a mother whenever she sees her little girli guess.

The girl child is one of the most delicate things one can come across and should be taken care of well. I am not a feminist or anything like that but i believe the girl child is always in danger especially in this part of the world (Africa) if she is not nurtured and taught certain things by her mother or shown enough love by her father.

Beautiful girl

I listened to a talk show on radio while driving and what struck me was when i heard CHILD SEX ABUSE!! (It still beats me that child and sex could go together; no waay!)

Child sex abuse is becoming more common and 93% of cases are by trusted adults – parent, relative, family friend, teachers, neighbor, coach, babysitter even fellow kids. Child sex abuse include genital touching, penetration with penis/digit/object, showing genitals or porn to a child, asking child to touch own or another’s genitals, taking porn pictures of a child.

Kids won’t always tell if it happens because they are afraid of how you would react. Kids from three years old can be taught things that would keep them from being molested.

One of the most delicate job on earth is being a parent, more specifically, a mother. Parents should nurture, care,love,educate and protect their children; especially the girls. It is important the girl child is reminded often that she can tell her parents (mother) anything, no matter how bad or treacherous it is.

A wonderful relationship should be formed between mother and daughter as this will go a long way in making the child know that Momma is her friend and can be trusted with anything.


What A Mother Should Teach A Girl Child:

  • Teach kids often that there are no secrets between kids and parents.
  • They should be comfortable talking to their parents about anything.
  • Teach kids that any secret that they can’t tell you is a bad secret and that it’s okay to break it.
  • Teach Kids to tell you everything.I mean everything.
  • A girl child should always account for whatever she did at school, starting from the teacher to her assignments and the playground.

As uncomfortable as it can be talking to a little girl about sex,you just have to do it. Sex education has been a very sensitive topic in this part of the world for fear of what children are going to be exposed to and so it’s usually a ‘no go area’ for us here. The funny thing is this children get exposed to these things without their parents knowing of it and the worst mistake any parent can do is not educating these little girls enough to stall the evil that was waiting to happen; talk more of the child abuse sex. I can’t imagine any parent would want anyone taking away their daughter’s innocence. You have got to know the adults in your child’s life!


We came up with a template (kind of) that could serve as a sex education  for a little girl which will not blow things out of proportion and still achieve the goal of making the child knowledgeable enough and able to know what to do when faced with certain circumstances that they might meet. This is best if the two parent are involved in this conversation with their little girl.

Our Sex Education Template:

Baby,we have serious things to say to you. If anyone tries to do or say anything that makes you feel confused but the kind of confused that feels like it’s ok, TELL MUMMY! or DADDY!!

If anyone, even uncles or mummy’s friends touch you where your swimming suit usually covers (They are called your private parts), PLEASE TELL MUMMY! No one is allowed to touch or look at those places if mummy or daddy is not there.

If anyone wants to touch or see your private parts or tries to get you to touch or see theirs, give them a scare with a resounding NO!

If you are asked to do something you’re not sure is right, say NO!! Then tell us. Anything you’re not allowed to tell us is bad and its okay if you tell.

If a man tries to place that thin,elastic thing between his two legs in your hands or mouth(that’s his private part), yell! Run and tell MUMMY! If you can’t run, yell hard. People’s attention will be attracted. Ok,yell for daddy… “Arghhhhhh”, just like that; loud and clear hmm. Atta girl.

Sweetheart, you are not ready to do certain things; but we are old enough to choose what is wrong or right.  You are not old enough, so, DON’T EAT THAT ‘APPLE’ YET!!


Sex Education is something that needs to be taught regularly to the girl child, especially in this social media age where anything could be learned from anywhere without restriction . therefore, sex education is imperative and as a matter of fact is a good way to develop the girl child against perverts, pedophiles and other groups like that.

We advise that if one doesn’t know how to go about the sex education, they could take a cue from our template. Once parents are able to instill this consciousness into their little girl, then they can say they have prepared her the best they can. As a mother or father, you always have to do your best by her. it is your job as a mother is to love,nurture and educate while the father is there to protect, provide and show her love and you will do that for the rest of your life.



Hope we wrote something worth your while?

Thank you for reading our content.